Thursday, August 13, 2009

After Christmas- sigh of relief!

I don't know if you are like me , but after Christmas is over I always heave a Big sigh of relief - AND- then I rest up about a week - AND- then I am on the search for my Christmas presents the upcoming year. There will never be enough money to just go out and purchase all store bought presents - But - now that I have had the process of making gifts I don't think I would go back, unless maybe I get totally disabled. I start by making my list of all my loved ones and friends and as I run into the perfect fabric - sometimes the gifts just call to me - OR - sometimes while traveling all over the Internet - you never know what ideas will pop into your head.

This time my sister-in-law's gifts would come because we visited a Goodwill store far away from us and they had a barrel that had these two pieces of knit in them and since my sister-in-law can be a "wild and crazy " gal at times these pieces of fabric made me think of the "hippy era" when the colors were wild. Of course by picking up fabric like this I never know what the content is - so I am learning by touch and feel. These two pieces did not have an abundance of give and I am learning that means I can make the neckbands a tad larger because they will not stretch so badly. Plus, it usually means that they might have a tendency to shrink a tad more over time.

I picked the bird design because she had a bird like this one time and I picked the fishy because she does have a little pond in her back yard - right at her porch so you can really enjoy it.

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  1. OK... who is that in the bottom photo? Scary face!