Friday, August 21, 2009

A Butterick pattern experience

This was two of my next projects that I worked on for my oldest son for Christmas. Maybe it is not fair to use them as the "guinea pigs" to learn on? But I love them so much that I just have to try to make something that they can enjoy and be useful-until I get good enough they will be proud of what I make for them - I HOPE!

Since it is a cold weather time I went with long sleeves and the gray shirt says -"Need for Speed" with a little hot-rod and the green one says - "I can be a bear".

The need for speed is because he has a real mechanical talent and I am so proud of him for that. That is another skill that I wished I could have learned, but I could not learn from my husband because he was always to busy throwing tools and having his little "mechanical fits" and I did not want to get hit in the head with flying screwdrivers. ~smile!

The - I can be a bear- is because he is one of those people who is very laid back and you really have to push him to get him upset-but when you do - watch out. LOL The little bear in that design is kinda bandaged up and that represents to me that his little wife knows how to handle him and she knows how to "mop up with him" when she feels the need to. LOL Just because you can have a "bear-fit" does not mean that you never will feel the need for some TLC!(tender loving care) lol

The disgusting part of these projects was that I used the size XL and they turned out to be too large for him. ! GRRRRR! Sometimes I wonder if I will ever get it right?????????????


  1. You are getting better all the time Linda- and every body loves their pajamas loose and baggy. It will just take a little time and practise- Patterns can be a bit tricky too - they are not always consistent in their sizing and measurements. In some ways, it is not too different than when you buy clothes off the rack- Every style seems to sized slightly different so one can wear a range of sizes.
    One other factor that effects one's sewing success is the fabrics- they have different amounts of stretchyness and give... Good for you for exploring and sewing - I hope you find it fun too.
    I am sure that the pajamas will be well loved by your loved ones, Linda.
    Warmest regards,

  2. You certainly have making them down pat now!