Monday, August 24, 2009

Magic Pillowcases

This was a project that I discovered online . They had talked about making pillowcases for gifts and how you could customize the colors for the individuals. The thing that REALLY got my attention was when they began to speak about your would make the cuff and you rolled the entire pillowcase up in the cuff and then when it was all sewed together you would turn the cuff inside out and the project would be completed.

This is the link and it is a pdf download.To me , it is amazing.

I really thought they were dreaming so I decided to give it a try . I was very careful as I rolled the body of the case up into the cuff before sewing it and then when it came time to turn the cuff inside out - JEEPERS - it worked like a charm! It was a miracle for me BECAUSE it really worked and it worked for ME! I was so thrilled. Now that was what I called a great , fun project - something that was useful and it actually worked FOR ME! No blood , sweat or tears and no waste of fabric and threads. It was amazing and I was thrilled - Talk about a high!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had one post that said the link didn't work , so I looked it up again and hope this works better!


  1. Could not get the link to work. Says site does not exist. Would love to have the link. Really cute cases!!!