Monday, February 22, 2016

Monday Sewing Treat

The birds and I both got a nice early start this morning. The weather was beautiful and I got everything accomplished. I spent a few extra moment rubbing the donkeys ears this morning , just appreciating him. He has had it hard this month and I really do not think he will make it through another hard winter. So, I am going to enjoy him this summer and always watch for his "whiteness" in the field. He has been a great little guy and a good guardian to the sheep.

I looked around and saw an unbelievable amount of work. Work that takes strength that I am losing due to this constant pain. As I was coming back around the building to shut the door I noticed a small lump of plant material laying on the ground. I almost did not even notice it . But I stopped and sorted it out and it was 3 flowers and a tulip bulb??????? Now where in the world this came from I have no idea. But, I cannot stand to see plants not where they are suppose to be - In The Ground! So, I grabbed a digger and put the tulip in a little tulip bed there close and then carried the 3 balls of roots around behind the building where I had started a little flower bed of flowers my daughter had brought and dumped in the yard last summer. The earth was thawed and the soil was soft enough to dig and put these where they will have a chance. They each had a little piece of green peeking out at me , kinda like waving Hi.

I checked on the bird feeder as I came in to take my shower and the little stinkers seemed very appreciative.

Then I had my shower and fixed my morning green smoothie while I took my eye supplements and got on line to try to order a phone??? This turned out to be another one of those things that seem like it should be quick and easy and ends up taking an hour and half?????  I still am not forsure if it went through. I got one blip telling me it had not and then one note telling me it did- so - who are you to believe???? They sell used phones -But - you cannot talk to them on the PHONE to ask if your order went through or not??????  If it did I will get rid of Verizon because they did not fix my service -they just told me it would Fix ITSELF!  So, I guess I will give it a week to see if I receive a phone in the mail and if I do not then I guess I will try again??????

Miss Rosie was keeping an eye on me so now I finally Fled to the sewing room to finally get to work on those New Caps that I got that fabric for yesterday and have been dying  to get my hands on.

I learned new lessons, of course -so my brain should feel Exercised. lol I learned that fleece can Shift on you -both while cutting it and while sewing it ! I learned having eye challenges does not mean I cannot enjoy sewing yet. I learned I am still Good at making bloopers . LOL

I learned that we can still take Flat pieces of fabric and turn them into beautiful objects that others can enjoy. I also got to do a comparison on top stitching that inner lining that turns into the cuff. The first one I did right on the very edge and I did not like the way it looked so the next one I did a good 5/8 inch from the top and I liked the look of it much better. I have an adult granddaughter who loves My Little Kitten and one of them will have her name on it for Christmas. The other one Might end up going to the women's shelter as I think that might make a nice Gift there at Christmas. I like the little swirly one too. But, since these are double they are so nice and soft and WARM.

Here is the link again for the caps.

I also learned that Your Back can start to Complain Terribly when you sew! I had had a friend tell me this lately when she was working on a project. I had said that you would not think something so "seemingly " simple would hurt so much??? I do not know if age has anything to do with it or not-But - It sure can hurt and I had to take an hour's break while I ate lunch. I also dug out that oil of oregano and took a big breath and put it under my tongue and let my mouth catch fire and be so darn miserable for a few minutes and then felt the pain ease up to where it was bearable. I need to find out how many times a day you can safely do this??????

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  1. Good post! Your hats are so much fun!
    I love all the little surprises you are always finding on your place~
    I hope the Donkey stays healthy and happy~! Bless him~