Monday, February 15, 2016

Snowy Monda

When I awakened this morning that old white stuff had snuck in while I was sleeping. I had hoped it was quit last night -but no - it came back and I had 9 inches of the stuff to deal with. Thank goodness this time it was fluffy snow so I pulled off shoveling my paths without throwing out my back this time , but with a pulled shoulder muscle it was still painful.


Bandit was holding the house down for me as i ran in a few times to warm my hands and face up.

The birds were definitely ready for me to make sure the feeders were topped off. It was hard getting pictures of them through the snow.  I tried every trick I could find in my camera manual but with not much success. 

While the birds were eating I munched on left over pizza that my daughter had left from yesterday just before the snow arrived. It was a pleasant treat.

Then I chatted with a friend on the phone and we had fun catching up -until she told me she would be leaving for the Summer as her daughter was moving to California and she was going out too.  Ouch - life changes FAST. 

Later while I was on the computer I heard the sound of  a CAT around back. I could not get my eyeballs on it as I did not want to go out in the snow again - but I thought - O NO! Please not another cat?

I heard the sound of a motor and my dear , sweet neighbor barreled up on his tractor and in two shakes he had my driveway plowed to where I could get out if need be.  Mr. Bill Burton is a Saint in my eyes as he tries to help anybody that he can . Good neighbors are such a blessing.

Our crazy weather is now calling for heavy rains tomorrow so there is a flood warning posted as the snow will be melting and the rain will be -well , you know WET! I hope my creek does not get too mad as I have to drive through it.. I Hate WINTER TIME! 


    I think the bird pictures were just fine!!!