Monday, February 8, 2016

Monday Critters

     I could hardly believe my eyes this morning when I discovered my two kitties actually sharing a space in the small bathroom ??? Miss Rosie was on the little hamper  and

                                                Miss Gabby is sleeping on the rug beneath her??? I have hope.

     I ran out and took fresh water to everybody and fed the donkey because the weather was calling for snow showers and I did not want to end up out in it.

    But when I got back in the house I discovered that my sweet Mocha was very sick - so I loaded her up and took off to the vet. She absolutely screamed in pain when I picked her up.
Turned out she was Running a fever AGAIN and he thinks it is a flu?????? Since I still have the meds he gave her a shot ?????? It breaks my heart to see her so sick and all this has been going on since Thanksgiving.
     I stopped coming home and grabbed groceries for the critters. I caught some meats on sale and asked the young cashier if he would believe it was all for my pups ??? He laughed and said they have to eat too??
      I was glad to get home and get unloaded . I had picked up me a dollar pizza and I fixed it and watched a program as I stuffed my face.

When I got up to wash my plate I glanced out the door and you can hardly see the bird for the SNOW!  GRRRR!

Then I had another sad discovery????

Who likes to see a stray kitty sitting at their front door begging for food???? 
So I fed her good and sat out in the snow Combing the horrible tangles Around her throat. I finally had to take the scissors and cut them lose. After that she had started to look like a cat-now that she is combed out and fed?????

 I couldn't stand it any longer?
So I now have a kitty in a cage right in the middle of the living room who screams at the other cats??
But she is in a warm space and seems kinda content. 
I tried to call the Humane Society to see if they could help me get her spayed but they did not answer?  It is SO hard to get adult cats to accept each other ?  Rosie and Gabby are making good progress and here I go and upset the "cart" ??? 

Plus, with m pups sick -the timing is not good. But I guess having an animal DUMPED on you is never good timing. Well, it's getting dark - I have got to go find something for her a litter box that will fit in the cage. Darn it-but at least I will not feel bad about her being out in the cold tonight.

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  1. Whoa! Sure hope it all works out with the new cat!
    I never heard of an animal flu lasting like this, or getting passed around like this. Has the Vet any idea how this happens?