Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Rainy Weds.

     Sorry I haven't posted but I have misplaced my camera and I always feel that a picture is worth a thousand words. Since I am the only human in the house I know this falls on my shoulders and I am very mad at myself. I have looked high and low and unless some of my furbabies have accidentally knocked it off some where or knocked something over on it - I am at a loss. ????? I will continue to search but I Hate not having a picture.

     Today was a Totally rainy day. It absolutely poured at times. I was still hurting from yesterday when I pulled a muscle in my shoulder and am in a lot of pain-so I was going slow in making my plans. I decided to take all four pups to the vet for their rabies shots that they need to get their yearly dog licenses. I have been so worried about them needing the shots versus them being sick for so long. I waited until after lunch when the rain subsided a little and then Reluctantly loaded their sad little faces up and off we went.

     I told the vet my worries and he took their temperatures to make sure they could have their shots . He did give a couple of them shots because they refused to eat and take their meds this morning. At least I do not have to worry about the meds tonight.

    I left the rabies papers in the car because I have to take the adopted kitty to the Humane Society tomorrow morning to be neutered and plan to go on to the next town where I have to get the pups licenses. Get that over with and not have to worry about the shots for 3 more years and we will be legal with our licenses for a whole year. Yea! While I am in that town I can pick up the donkey's feed too. I just dread the early trip out in the morning because it is very foggy from our melting snow and the warmer temperatures today????

     I had been very sick at my stomach the last few days so I picked up some Peppermint Oil with Ginger and Fennel . I think it might be helping? At least did not have the double you over cramps today thanks to it.

     I had tried a new Vegan recipe for Ocean Chowder today and I did not enjoy it at all.  I guess sooner or later you have to have a few FLOPS. ~smile~

     I just wish I could get this dumb muscle to release its painful grip on me! It hurts so bad I can't use my arm without pain so I am not doing anything creative at the moment. Just doing what has to be done and letting you guys know what is going on.

     I love you , my sweet blog family.

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  1. are the best Pet Mom!!! You take such good care of them~ Hope they all do well from their shots. And that Your POOR MUSCLES relax some!

    Have you found your camera? You see, when I am as far behind in your posts as I am, I start with the last one I'd read, and am working my way forward! :) I enjoy the pictures too!