Friday, February 19, 2016

Friday Ends the Week -boy they fly

     It seems even the birds are enjoying life more as the temperatures have risen above freezing and the white stuff is leaving here. I have a friend in town and his place is still covered in snow and his driveway is covered in ice! He has to park down on the highway as he cannot get in his driveway.
     He had taken me yesterday down to the mill to get my chicken feed. You would know his heat in his van went out and I thought I would freeze to death. That did not help my fibromyalgia -it make it very mad at me and the pain was unbearable.
     While the ground was frozen this morning I took the car up to the chicken building and unloaded most of the feed while I could get to it. Got everybody taken care of and came back to the house only to discover the fibro pain was unrelenting. I was finally in tears when I called the doctor and left a message with his nurse. I told him I did not want to take those 5 meds he had offered because of all the side effects and could he explain why he would not let me have my Tramadol back that they use to let me have for pain???
     Then after dark he returned my phone call and said Tramadol was not listed for use with fibromyalgia any more! That he did not know what else he could do for me?????? My heart was broken. How in the world can people live with unbearable pain every day -every second of their life and get no relief? I have been watching my diet -I have been doing yoga - I have been using those enzymes which help but I cannot afford the price for enough of them to do the job and I have made an oil of oregano ointment which helps a tiny bit? But the pain today has been absolutely overwhelming and I was so desperate-had to be plum desperate to call a doctor to ask for help and then get told he could not help???
     Well, I had 7 pills left I have been hoarding for the last year -so I slipped one out and decided to sacrifice it for some relief. It only took about 40 minutes and I could feel the pain easing up. What a wonderful feeling- it is hard to believe that some people are allowed these pills when they need them and they really do make the pain go away and I am not allowed this privilege any more? I was not a bad person all my life - I do not deserve any bad "karma" - why has my life taken this turn? I keep searching for natural ways to help myself but for some reason this pain is bigger than me?
     But for the moment I am enjoying this wonderful feeling of not being engulfed in pain. What a wonderful feeling. I am so sleepy after not sleeping for months -but I do not want to sleep - I would like to enjoy each little minute of  almost no pain. How wonderful.


     O, I did something interesting. I had read a story last year about a man who used what he called Winter sowing ???. I had read his story several times this year - fascinated ??? That was how he started his seeds for all of his flowers for his beautiful home. This is the link to his story.  He also has a wonderful post about his African Violets .
     Then the other day my Grit magazine had an article about it too -so my interest was really perked.
My daughter-in-law had saved me some milk jugs and I had picked up a small bag of dirt at Wal-mart , as they did not have a big bag so I figured this would satisfy my curiosity.
     I drilled holes in the tops of the jugs and then cut them in half leaving a two inch "hing". Then I drilled holes in the bottom of the jugs and added my dirt. Next I watered the soil down and added my flower seeds and covered them with a light layer of soil and re-watered. Next they go outdoors -into the freezing cold and they say that nature will take care of the rest. That the seeds will "know" when it is the proper time to sprout and then you can open your jugs on warm days for the air to circulate . It is suppose to make for much hardier plants -so I will see. I figured that since I had had such good luck experimenting with my first winter garden that I would just try my luck. I believe you never know -unless you give it a try.
      Now I just wish they would find a way you could grow squash without those squash bugs and borers killing your plants just as they get ready to bear?????? All that work and I only get 2 or 3 fruit. It is heart breaking.
     You would not think that little project would have wore me out - but it did. I was so tired , but mainly from the pain - it just saps your strength.
     O another thing today I fixed stir fried  "cauliflower-rice". It is not rice at all but the cauliflower is chopped so fine IT resembles rice and it much healthier for you. It is good , but needs a little "TWEAKING". ~smile~
     My stray kitty is still in heat - still going strong with her cat-er-waling. I think this is day 4 - will it never end?????  I hate to wish my life away -but I will be SOOO grateful for the 8th to come so she can be spayed and that will fix that little problem. Yea! Then I can at least start letting her out of the cage more. Since she has been getting food now she has really started to GROW!  lol


  1. Sorry to read you are having sew much pain and cannot get the meds for relief.. Lucky you had tucked a few away...

  2. I don't understand why that doctor can't give you what works either. Maybe get a second opinion from a different doctor.

    Yes...a cat in heat is a pain for sure! The 8th is a ways off I'm afraid~

    1. I don't understand either. I could not believe how wonderful it was last night to have the effects of the tramadol buffer all that pain down for me and I got some of the sweetest sleep! I was so grateful to our Heavenly Father. Would you believe a friend sent me a note saying that you can buy Tramadol over the counter in Mexico for 8.00 ??? I have found a new herb that I ordered today so I have my fingers crossed and my prayer lifted. ~smile~

    2. I was telling my friend that has fibro about you, and not getting your pain meds any more, and she said to talk to your doctor and tell them to contact that pharmacutical company and tell them that this med works for his patient, and request them to allow him to give it to you for your pain. She reminded me that a doctor that is GOOD is suppose to work for his patient and get whatever will help with pain. It is true, that when a person is in pain they cannot heal right or function. I hope your doctor will work for you. If not, I might consider changing doctors, to one that will work for you. My friend was very upset for you! Hugs~