Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Hump Day

     I woke up this morning as a Ball of Pain. I truly Hate fibromyalgia . I did not want to move because of the engulfing pain and I could not lay still  because of the burning pain . So you choose between Pain and Pain and eventually Pain wins because I have critters to take care of that I love.
     I got the heart meds down all of my pups -and breathed a sign of relief -turned around and Blondie threw up all of her breakfast. My heart just sank . I cleaned up the mess and put everything in the washer and came back to check on her and she felt terrible- just like me when you have the flu.
     So, I called to make sure the vet was in - got dressed and grabbed the snow shovel and headed out towards the car. I was glad I had shoveled when the snow was fresh because Now when I had to shovel to the front of the car to check my leaky radiator -the ice on top of the snow made it difficult for me to remove. But " I think I can, I think I can" - won out and I got the snow moved , the hood up and antifreeze added to the radiator for the trip.
     I put the shovel in the vehicle -just in case - and went back in the house and got Blondie and ever so carefully we took off. The creek was down manageable so we forded it and eased up onto the highway. I said a good prayer and took it out of 4 wheel drive and off we went.
     Once at the vets he said she had a intestinal infection and gave her shots and me pills to bring home. I came straight home as it was cold and I did not want to have to leave her in the car alone anywhere. He did say it was infectious and might spread through the others ???? Just what I did not want to hear - AGAIN!
     I heated up the pizza my daughter had left and then double layered and took off to do outside chores. Locked the donkey up to eat while I fed and watered all of the poultry. I kept making the wrong turn to go down to the chickie condo and had to remind myself I did not have to go there -thanks to that raccoon. It will just have to stand empty till Spring or Summer and I can work on it to repair the damage he did . It will take that long to repair the damage he did to my heart.
     I am running out of chicken feed early this month - I guess they ate extra due to the extreme cold we have endured. I will have to go get some within the next couple of days. Darn this month has hit hard with that huge heating bill? I will have to get into my dwindling savings again. I will have to figure out something different about the heat for next winter??? Wish I could move to where it was warm all year long. That might even help this fibromyalgia???
     At least all of the birds are good today and the little chickens are singing at the top of their lungs. I read a true story yesterday about a lady who had to have all of her birds destroyed due to some disease that got in her flock and she titled it  - "The Day The Chickens Stopped Singing" and it broke my heart. As I listened to my gang they always UPLIFT my spirits as they are always singing and celebrating the new day. It is a beautiful thing to be so grateful and appreciative of the gift of a new day for each of us and what we can do with it.
     I turned the donkey out and headed to the house , but decided to shovel the mud off of my little pavers going around the turkeys. I will need to work on that path this Summer . Just the short section I put down really did help me when it came to shoveling that snow -it made it so much easier.

     As I came in the house I made sure to fill up the bird feeders and they were as busy as grand central station. I said hi to the little chickadee as I headed to the shower.

     As I came back out from my shower I was glad to get a snapshot of this little finch. Normally there are so many titmice that these guys have a hard time getting in.

     I managed to pull off another pair of the cloud booties , but this pattern is Driving Me Crazy . I am at the point I am not enjoying it anymore and will be throughly glad when I am finished with these. I am only grateful that I will have these completed ones for Christmas. Since my eyes are giving me more trouble I am grateful to have an early start .
     By now I was hungry and a friend had put a bug in my ear when she had fixed some mung beans and added mixed vegetables and curry powder and turmeric -I added a little salt too and they were really a nice change. I would never have thought of adding the mixed vegetables ?? These were a little out of date so they needed using .

     Mocha , the parlor princess actually got out of our bed and came out for a few minutes . I was very pleased to see her. The  little stray cat is driving me nuts because she is in heat and letting me know at the top of her lungs?  Her appointment to be neutered is the 8th of next month so I will be very grateful! I certainly was right about not wanting any kittens. lol  Technically its not the kittens - (little balls of fur -who wouldn't love them - it is the responsibility of the lifetime home and with me being 65 I am not for sure how long that lifetime will be, so I am trying to be forward thinking. But there are so many little furbabies at all of the shelters and pounds that need loving homes without more being brought into the world by carelessness.  I say this as Miss Gabby is poking her claws into my flesh as she kneads me in the love of her new home. She is glad to be out of that cage in the shelter. lol


  1. Oh Linda you make me tired just reading your post with all your running around after your critters..

  2. I hope you are having this beautiful weather now....Feb 20th! My area here in Ohio was almost 70 degrees today! Hope yours has improved! Sure hoping for some good days without pain, sorrow and struggles for you!!! HUGS~