Wednesday, February 10, 2016

2/10/2016 Weds

  • Brrrrrr- it was below freezing this morning and I woke up early so I went out and took everybody fresh warm water. I fed the donkey and while he was eating I walked the pasture looking for his bright yellow jacket I had made him that he had somehow taken off???? But, I could not find it anywhere? I think he would really appreciate it this week as it is calling for terribly cold temperatures in the single numbers and that worries me?
  • I was so glad to get back to the house and do all the inhouse chores.
  • Then I headed to the sewing room and Miss Gabby found her a comfortable spot while????

         Miss Rosie was NOT too Impressed with this new comer in her chair and in her Sewing Room?
      But, I had been wanting to test out this cap project for a good month now. The video is on Facebook and the young lady does an EXCELLENT Job  in showing you how to do it.
This is her link:

I kept running back and forth from the computer to the sewing room to carry out her directions. I liked her cap because it is double lined and one side is a solid color and the other side has a design that complements it. I mainly only have solid colors but I did fin One piece I had that had embroidery on it -so I used it to "test the waters" .


Then I tried a second combination.

I don't like it at all. 
But , they are good learning projects and really nice and warm. I have several color colors already cut out but I do not want to have two solid colors? BUT? I have toyed with the idea of embroidering something on the front of one that would be a solid color?  But at the moment that seems like an act of Congress to get my old sewing computer back up and running because it would have the software on it to deal with the embroidery designs and right now it is buried under a mountain "stuff".

Then yesterday I had spent two hours trying to get in touch with my house phone service to tell them it was broken. FINALLY I got a real human being who assured me it would be fixed today? Ha ha ha ! It is not fixed and now my cell phone service is not working so I am just up the creek without a paddle if I should need help of any kind. Don't you love these companies that you can depend on- NOT- and Verizon does me this way all the time.

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  1. I LOVE THE HAT!!! Keep the instructions!
    We have had Verizon for 20+ years and never had the first problem with them. I am so sorry their service there is a problem. You NEED a phone!!! I'm praying for regular service!