Thursday, February 25, 2016

Bad Weather Thursday

The wind here was terrible. It snapped the ropes off a a big tarp I had covered a storage trailer with. Parts of the roof had given way and I was just trying to protect the treasures that I have store inside.

But I was very blessed because two hours down the road from people several people were killed . I know one was a 78 year old gentleman. There are horror stories. I looked at the pictures of some of the destroyed homes and thought -that could have been mine. How in the world do people come through things like this? We think we have some control over our lives but really we do not. We are just blessed.

I am still having trouble getting the cats to adjust to the little stray. She actually got away from me today and I managed to snatch her up just before a neighbor's cat came calling????? Hurry up SPAY DAY!

Poor little Bandit just wants some peace in the household once again. Me Too!  ~smile

I did manage to make it to the Sewing Room again today and I was so pleased to complete two more caps. They are so nice and soft and warm.

Well, better hunker down for another extremely windy night and the temperature is dropping . The doggie door keeps blowing wide open so I will have to shut it . Brrrrr!  I hate winter and I Hate Storms.

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  1. Tragedy comes to so many because of bad weather~ May God keep you always safe! Hugs~ c