Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Tuesday Ham

It was pouring rain this morning when I woke up  . I did the house chores and got online to check the weather and they had issued a flood warning???? Hum????  I watched it for a while and then texted my acupuncturist to cancel my appoint because if I go out and a hard rain comes that causes flooding I cannot get back up to the house so I did not want to be caught in that position. Better to just stay home and be safe. Plus, that money went on the fuel for this month anyway. I really wish I could have gone as she went on a vacation to Belize and I wanted to hear stories of Sunshine and fresh fruits and veggies . But, poo - have to wait a week now.

To dissipate my disappointment I headed to the sewing room to work on another cap and an unexpected helper showed up -the new adopted gal- Miss Gabby.

She is turning into quiet a "Ham". She is a typical female though-some days she is sweet and loving and other days she is Bossy and Controlling. I didn't want hairs on the caps and she had "other-plans".

But, we did come to a meeting of the minds and I ended up with two new caps. It doesn't matter that they are twins as they will be sent in two different directions this Christmas.

After I had my lunch I took a wild hankering for popcorn? My hubby was ALWAYS the one to pop popcorn and I Really do miss that. I had tried last week but since the popcorn was 3 years old it did not want to pop and I burnt it BLACK.

I was determined to not do that this time and I found a wee bit that was not that old and I came up with some nice popcorn which I munched on while I watched a program and rested my back. That was I was not in the same pain I was the first day I started this cap project.

I have let the stray kitty loose in the house today for the first time. She is still in heat -here it is 8 days later???????????????? I am hoping the exercise to wander around a while will help her to sleep better at night and thus, ME too. lol   So far Miss Gabby is the only one to hiss at her.

I was also very disappointed  today to notice that mealy bugs had all but killed one of my coleuses. Darn bugs - you just cannot have anything it seems -be it outdoor plants or indoor plants?  I have doused them with powder and also took clippings which I gave a bath to -just trying to save anything. Will just have to see what happens. I was just trying to make it till Spring and that is just a few weeks away now. It sure did not pay to let down my guard.

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  1. Glad Miss Gabby is adjusting so well.
    I love popcorn too~!