Saturday, February 6, 2016

End of the Week -where did it go??/

Blondie says her week flew by too. All she knows is that she had to make that dreaded ride to the veterinarian and get that shot for her tags only to find out she needed more antibiotics.  I  have been tricking her meds into her by giving her canned cat food. Then she gets a small serving of chopped hot dogs or chicken gizzards???? At least it is down her and she feels a tiny bit better.

But this morning I had to round up Cowboy the kitty and take him straight to the vet for that ear. It looked TERRIBLE! It was all dripping moisture and blood from it and I knew he needed SOMETHING? The vet gave him a shot and I asked for something for Pain this time as I know cats  are very sensitive about pain meds and I did not want to endanger him ??? So he gave me a capsule to put on his food- Hoping I can sneak that and the antibiotic in his food in the morning?????

I came right straight home. The ground was still frozen as I pulled in so I drove up the hill to feed the donkey and unload his two bags of food I had got two days ago. I had just felt too bad to unload them, so now I was grateful I was able to summon enough energy to lift and carry them into the shed and into the metal trash cans . At least now the mice cannot waste them like they were doing in the plastic trash cans.

Once I backed back down to the house and parked I discovered they had delivered the propane while I was gone. They had not told me when they would deliver it yesterday afternoon when I had called them . I held my breath as I opened the bill - hoping it would be less than last month -but - No - it was almost 500.00. Darn it .

I knew my daughter had mentioned she might come for a visit tomorrow when I had spoke to her on the computer last night so I decided to try to clean the wall with the pictures on it , just as you come into the front room. I got the step ladder and took all of the pictures down and washed the wall down. Then I took a few of the pictures that had just been hanging up in a plastic bag and put them in frames and regrouped. I found One picture of my Mom and Dad and actually had an Old frame to put them in. I put them in the center of the space and above her I placed my grandparents because this was where they had raised her at. I would not have this home if not for my Mama who had worked and bought it from all of her brothers. Then when my DH was burnt so bad in 1972 we got a loan and built the house because one of Mama's brothers had got drunk one night and burnt my grandparents house down. That had about broke my heart. I had loved that old farm house so much. But,I was so glad that my Uncle had not been injured in the fire.

I had just finished hanging up the last picture when my daughter and her new young friend showed up.  (So much for getting the house cleaned up or the pot of soup made????) But we had a LOVELY visit and I was "smitten" by her adorable friend. He is a keeper as far as I am concerned.

  Bandit did not even come out and bark at the young man!  When the pups put their stamp of approval on a person I usually know they are good people. Bandit usually give EVERYBODY a hard way to go. Thank goodness he is the only one in the group who has not been sick with this doggie flu misery and he is the Only one to not be on a pile of medicine.

My precious Mocha , who is my Parlor Princess is really feeling bad today. I am very worried about her? Why can't they all just get better and be happy pups????

When I went out to feed the birds the stray kitty came begging for something to eat. Of course that breaks my heart. I fed her and petted her and she just Soaked it up. I have GOT to call the neighbors to make for sure no one claims her so i can decide about getting the money to get her spayed ?????? Why do people put poor little animals in this position?????  I have already asked a friend if I can borrow a small dog crate to put her in to house train her in if it turns out that way??? We will see where that leads?

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  1. Wow....Blondie and Bandit look alike!!!
    I have a book from my childhood, that I just loved and kept for my children and now grandchildren. It is called Miss Lollipop's Lion.
    You remind me of Miss Lollipop who could not turn any animal away, and even went without food herself so she could feed her animals! You'll have to look up this book. It is the BEST! Just like you!