Sunday, February 7, 2016

Start of a Brand New Week

It has been a nice quiet start of a new week. Miss Gabby hung out with me this morning as I spent the morning on the computer researching Chickens. This just happened to be one of those times when I found new and interesting videos all about chickens. I have been especially interested in protecting them from predictors. So far the ones in the building have been safe -but I would like to prepare to find a way for them to be able to enjoy the outdoors and fresh air once pretty weather gets here.

I have learned that hawks love to swoop down and carry them off. I even had one hawk come down and rip heads off of ones in small metal runs because the chickens just saw them as another bird -not a danger???

Then there were the coyotes that came at different times during the day????  I also worry about stray dogs.

Of course we all know night time is s tremendous danger if they were to be left outdoors. Racoons can just about break into anything and if not them -then the tiny minks can go through holes not much bitter than a silver dollar??? It seems everything likes to eat chickens. So, I am researching ideas.

Then I went out and did all the chores. I discovered two runs that seemed to just get filthy overnight -so I cleaned both of them good and put down fresh bedding and took the littler to the garden and put on two of the raised beds. I walked around the garden and saw a TON of things that need doing and it seemed just looking at it made me tired. Where in the world has my Get Up and Go - Gone to??????

I did spend a half hour digging up weeds around the strawberry plants. Even some of my fence posts have kinda heaved up out of the ground and are weak. Darn it. The small patch of raspberries got out of hand last Summer and the new ones that sprang up have choked the first plants out so that is a mess and I imagine bloody arms to boot. I gave up and went back up to complete the chores and let Yukon out from his feeding.

The stray kitty was begging so I fed her and then went inside. She came to the front door and begged so I took a comb and went out and worked on those cuckle burrs that were embedded in her tail. Just that much made her look Much better. Next I will need to work on the mats around her neck. They are so tight it makes me want to gag..

While she went back to eating I came in and cleaned up and sat down and watched a program. I was just so tired. I have a doctor appointment this week on Tues?
My eyes did fair today. They like to come and go when I am on the computer. But I have a routine of things I do daily to try to maintain as much sight as I can. It is hard learning it all by yourself.

One of my pups is sicker than the others today. She even threw up this morning and she feels so bad too. It seems we all feel a little rough.  

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  1. HUGS!!!

    Hawks are terrible. One tried for about a week to get to one of my little granddaughters when she was just a few months old. The Hawk hung around the house just hoping for a good chance to snatch her. My daughter had been sitting out on a blanket with her one day, and here comes this big hawk. Thank God my daughter saw it and swooped up her baby in time~