Sunday, February 21, 2016

Sun. Feb. 21- A Brand New Start To a Brand New Week

     It started out a very beautiful morning - almost like a spring morning .Then it started pouring down rain! Buckets of it for a while. I was on the computer and noticed I had a note from Jo-Ann's about today being the last day to use a 60% off coupon. Humm??? I REALLY wanted some fleece to complete those caps I had started on and a friend had just given me a belated Christmas gift of a Jo-Ann's gift card??? So, I pumped up my enthusiasm and my courage and took off.  These were the colors I chose and I could not use my coupon because all of these were on sale. Bummer??

      BUT - I happened to notice this piece of metallic fabric and realized it would be perfect for a pattern I had just ran across for a dress for the American doll that our Sewing Guild dresses. Last year I had been too overwhelmed to participate but maybe if I apply myself I can pull this off while I still have eyesight to help with?????


     This should be something you might find very interesting if you do sew. One of the gals at the Sewing Guild meeting had mentioned that Harbor Freight carried rotary blades in their Carpet section and the store was just  next door to Jo-Ann's so I decided to check it out. You can see they say Carpet Cutting Blades but they really are 45mm rotary blades and they say on there for carpets and quilts! lol One lady who has a quilt shop said that is all she uses . There were two blades in a pack and they were 1.99 ! I thought that was a real deal.
     My pain level today was terrible . The Tylenol and the Adleve and all of those things do nothing for the pain so I just decided that was a waste of taking something bad for my body to start with. I looked at the Oil Of Oregano and I have been using it mixed with the coconut oil to use as an oinment but this time I remembered they had said it helped pain internally so I took 5 drops under my tongue. I HATE that stuff as it sets me on fire - but after I got my breath back and about half an hour down the road it eased the pain up about 50%. So, that makes it more bearable. I will be glad when the new herb comes later in the week -we will see what that does. Right now I am just grateful for toning it down a little. Yea!


  1. Glad you were able to find such nice fabric and cutter blades!
    I forgot to mention your ordering a new phone~ Praying it comes in the way it is suppose too and you get that all straightened out. You need a phone~

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