Thursday, February 4, 2016

Almost A Wasted Day

OK , Miss Gabby would tell you it was a totally wasted day as far as she was concerned. When you adopt an animal from the Humane Society they have to be neutered and I agree whole-heartedly  with that policy. So, today was that day for her.

I could not sleep last night I was so nervous about it - so I am pooped tonight. So, Miss Gabby reverted back to her shelter name of ZigZag - I did not want to hurt anybody's feelings about the name. I got her there at the 8Am required and that left me with 6 hours ???

I knew I had some errands I could run. I went and got gas first, checked on a part for my car, went to the court house and got my dog license for the upcoming year, stopped and got the donkey's food and then had Way Too Much time left.

I decided I needed to go to the Dollar Store to pick up a couple of furbaby bowls so I just spent time looking at everything and wiled away an hour. Then I moved on to a store next door and spent an hour in there. By then I was POOPED.  I guess my "shop till I drop" doesn't last as long as it did when I was young and could drag my poor husband all over the county .

Still I had two hours to kill so I headed to Wal-mart. It was a short drive but to sit down felt good. I spent the next two hours just wanting to go home and FINALLY it was time to go pick her up.

SURPRISE: Once I got there they told me that they gave her all her shots but that she had ALREADY been spayed! LOL So, she did not have to endure any surgery and she was QUIET PUT OUT with everybody as she unpolitely GROWLED at them as they put her in the carrier for me. I was SOOOO Glad to come home. Maybe I can just get the meds down my pups and chat with my friend and go to bed and be ready to do a good job with outdoor chores tomorrow.

Love to All.

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  1. Funny how the LORD answers our prayers in ways unexpected! :)
    I cannot hardly shop for more than an hour, and even then I need to sit down for a few minutes. I think you did remarkable! Hugs~