Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Stormy Weds.

My little Coco was not feeling so great this morning, but at least she ate and took her meds. I am in the same boat with her. Sooo much pain -it hurts to move any way and makes it so hard to concentrate on doing anything. But, I KNOW I cannot just not move as that hurts too and makes it worse in the long run.

So I painfully wobbled out to the front porch and fed the birds. I was hoping this mother cardinal would come closer for a picture but she was too cautious so I had to settle for a long distance shot . It is dark and cloudy today so it is hard to get a clear picture.

After feeding the birds and inside chores I fixed a green smoothie and fixed a dose of the Oil Of Oregano for the pain. It does not take long for that to kick in and make it bare-able for me to head to the sewing room. These little guys were already up and enjoying their new morning.  I love their happy sounds.

 I was simply thrilled to be able to complete two more caps for the day. Of course I was sending prayers of love for the two that will receive these - come Christmas. It will be for a granddaughter and great-granddaughter duo. She is such a great little Mother and I am so proud of her and her precious little bundle of joy.

As I left the sewing room to put the caps up I noticed that  my little "Parlor Princess" is still sound asleep so I "snuck" up on her and snapped a pictured.

Of course she heard the sound of the camera snapping and wanted to know why I was bugging her. lol

I headed to the computer and passed her Mama - Blondie in the living room doing a good stretch. I need to do that too. Pups are so much smarter than we are.

They are calling for some bad storms the rest of the day and it has started Pouring Buckets of rain and wind and Thunder so I am posting this early - just in case we would lose electricity.

I am going to rustle up some dinner - either the stir fried rice cauliflower (no real rice -the cauliflower is just chopped up to look like rice and be healthier for you) or maybe the cabbage and noodles????

Sending you love and hugs and hopes for peace, love and NO PAIN!


  1. Keep dry and warm ... Nice bright caps for your girls...

  2. Good "family" pictures! I have a blue and a green parakeets! Are yours in the house or out in a bird cage? Mine are in the house. I didn't think birds can take cold weather? In the summer I put their cage outside under the porch awning to enjoy the day. They just chirp and chirp so happily~

    I'm so sorry about your pain levels. Praying God heals you! Glad the Oil of Oregano helps!

    Did you get any damage yesterday with the storms. Heard that Waverly VA was really struck~ Those poor people~ Hugs~