Friday, February 12, 2016

Friday - Very Cold -Dangerous Temperatures Warning

     I Hate cold weather - have I ever mentioned that - lol - like just about every single winter post!
Last night we had our Sewing Guild meeting and I wore double layer clothing and it felt good.  We had a very interesting program about care of your cutting mat and rotary cutter. Most of us just take these tools for granted but the "official "word is that they need some tender loving care -such as a nice bath with a little splash of vinegar.
     I took my two caps for show and tell and some of the ladies really liked them. One asked for the link I had used because she said they were the kind of project that the sewing group in her church would be interested in doing - so that really pleased me.
     I got to count the gowns that everybody had completed from our sew in last month and there were 23 on the table to add to the 39 that had already been completed. They will be going to Project Smile. They were all so pretty -mainly because of the pretty fabric that my friend Lynne Holdren donated. Our "ring-leader" , Marcie was the one who had got the ball rolling by sewing up a few examples that were so nice. It was a fun event - I think enjoyed by all , but that might be seeming that way because I ENJOYED it so very much. It was so nice to be able to contribute to a group effort, even if my eyes were a problem and my serger decided to act ugly.
     I shared my concerns with Lynne about my high heating bills and she showed me her electric bill for her heat pump and it was a LOT cheaper ! I was shocked at the difference.
     Then we did some cell phone comparison and I learned about two new cell phone plans I did not know about- I cam checking them out. Every penny is important because I am kinda floundering at the moment.
      I went out this morning and took fresh water for all the chickens and pigeons and doves and quail and turkeys and fed yukon-the donkey. He was cold and cranky-so cold he was shivering . I Hate cold weather-especially extreme cold. I had found another piece of sweatshirt fleece so I carried it up and made him another Jacket that I basically tied onto his body. He got mad one time and almost kicked my head off - little dummy. I told him if he had killed me - who would take care of an old donkey then????? It is not the prettiest jacket in the world -but maybe it will help a little tonight as it goes down into single digits and the wind is going crazy.
     I have an appointment in the morning to take Cowboy (the old kitty who had half his ear ripped off by a neighbor's cat two months ago ) He is not doing good and I wanted a second opinion . I hate to see him in pain and he would not eat tonight. Now if that threat of snow will just stay AWAY!  

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  1. Today was my knitting group....and my daughter came for the first time. We had a nice time. We do knitting for all kinds of charity or to give to those in need. I love doing that kind of needle work!

    Poor old donkey~ He knows you love him! He is just a donkey and can't help it. You need a good cell phone!

    Wow...we heat our brick home for about a hundred a month. I wonder if these people are figuring things right. I wish your son could help you look into it. You know a man makes a big difference when dealing with business stuff. I hate it is that way!