Sunday, February 28, 2016

Sunday, Feb. 28th - Month Almost Gone

Today was such a Beautiful day ! Spring cannot be so very far away - I always start to smile when I think I have lived through another Winter! Yea. The ground is so totally saturated that the water is still running down the driveway and the valleys -all heading toward the creek and then into the lake about a mile down the road.

This is the last of my fleece caps. I just figured it up and for 21.90 I made 16 caps. That adds out to approximately 1.38 a cap - BUT- that does not include the lining that I already had so if you add that it brings it up to approximately 2.78 for a nice, soft -double lined fleece cap that will last a very long time and is Very warm and comfortable.


I decided to show this take of them also because this is one of my experimental projects too. It is called Winter sewing and you use milk jugs -turned into mini greenhouses to plant your annual flower seeds with the expectation that the seeds will know the proper time to germinate and come out to be much stronger plants than just started the regular way under lights where you have to harden them off. Since I do not have heat in my building now I do not have enough room in the house to start my seeds and I have reverted to try this ??????? We will see what happens. ~smile~

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  1. Nice hats and love the milk jug idea! hugs~ C