Saturday, February 20, 2016

New pair of cloud booties

     It was almost a peaceful kind of day - except for the cat in heat still screaming -this makes the 5th day. Do you think it will EVER let up???? If only it would then maybe she would be spayed before time for the next cycle????? I wish I knew a turn-off button. lol

     I was pleased to get another pair of the booties finished. I am getting near the end of all the yarn I had caught on sale and I will be glad. lol  They are nice but I am kinda getting wore out on them. My eyes are giving me trouble so I must Persevere, just in case ????

      Miss Gabby has been in one of her sweet, lazy moods today just kinda chilling , letting everybody just do their own thing, more or less. I think she is really getting pretty.


     This is the poor little stray who I "Think" I am going to call Shadow who is trying to survive a heat cycle  until she can be neutered next month. I think my ears are raw. lol  I have noticed a certain way she holds her mouth it makes me wonder if someone has kicked her in the mouth and broken her jaw when she was little because it does not look like it closes right. When I take her in for her surgery I will ask them is they will take a peek while she is out? You can barely see her little pink tongue kinda hanging out  But , at least she can eat the dry food I give her and she has grown like a weed the past  three weeks since I found her in that storm. I am just keeping my fingers crossed I can assimilate her into the family with Gabby and Miss Rosie , the sewing cat.?????? I am taking it slow and easy with all of them.

     I spotted something very dangerous and was glad I was in the house with this candle . I happened to notice the flame started shooting way up out of teh container it is in and it got higher too. I don't know what caused it but it did not look good to me.

     Blondie and her son Bandit were at least moving around a little bit today and I am grateful for that. They have had a rough time with this stupid doggie flu and Blondie is on different meds AGAIN - the fourth or fifth time since Thanksgiving? I just want them to all be well and happy and wondering if it will ever happen.

     I am grateful for another pair of the booties made - at least that is one more Christmas gift for the elves to put away. lol

     My cell phone extender quit working 2 days ago and when it does not work -my cell phone does not work. I called them today and got a nice young lady who could not fix it so she transferred me over to a not so nice young man who just plum did not fix it and said it would fix itself??? lol   They say you get what you pay for - BUT - sometimes that is not even true. 


  1. I hope your dogs feel better soon. They are adorable.

  2. Good Post~
    By the way....ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS put those type of candles in a metal container or pan or sheet of some kind with sides. They are very thin glad, and are notorious for breaking with the heat and then the wax and flames run and cause fires. Our friend had one sitting on her stove, and it broke, and the wax ran into the stove and the wall caught fire and they had a kitchen fire.

    I hope no one was cruel to Shadow!
    Take care!