Monday, January 9, 2012

Sometimes a toy makes you

It has been another one of those days that just get away from you-or maybe I am really getting SLOWER all the time- please not!
I got to going through all of the fabric bundles that the brother -in-law had shared with me yesterday . I had to do this BEFORE I could see the cutting table once again and I did not want to just move the bundles and then forget all about them and have to eventually move them again. So, the majority of them were bundles of vintage polyester - do you remember the pants suites? LOL A large part of them were still bundled together with a paper band around them that showed they were either .50 -1.00 / a yard . Some of them had met a similar fate as some of my  buried treasures. Back then I had never seen a plastic tote to store things in , so it did not take much for those little field mice to come in for the winter and discover their very own fabric store and bathrooms! Some were not stained and some were-and from my luck I could never get mice stain out of anything.

So, my  quandary- my lack of love for polyester- minus my want to not waste this fabric???? I wondered if there were any appreciaters of it?   Well, while I was concentrating my mind hit up on a light bulb for the moment-  My doggie pillows- all of the covers I had for them were about whipped out , from use and washing-after all furbabies were a lot like human children - they are not always the cleanest little critters on the earth. : )

So, I took one piece that had lots of brown and not so easy to show dirty -cut it in half and sewed two pillow cases .Then I pet one one from each side and that worked like a charm. For the moment my conscious was now clean- I had not wasted that piece and I had found a use for it. : ) For the moment I then transported the rest out into the storage shed -so that I could now find the parts of that shirt I had originally started in on. But - I got to talking to a new Aussie friend about TOYS - and her love of them- discovering that I also shared that. She and a friend are making them & when I mentioned I had one that a friend had given to me and how dear I thought of it. I had picked it up to describe it to her and low and behold the little zipper pull came off in m y hand-one of those O NO moments . So - she suggested I post it to give her a look - so dear Anita -here is my baby.

I think she is made from some kind of denim with her little wings and top-knot to set her off.

At the front of her there is this little zipper which I can no longer budge. If I could there are 3 little cloth eggs inside of her-which of course I cannot show ,but they are the same fabric as the wings and comb.I had pondered the possibility of using her as a pin cushion.?I appreciate it when something has different purposes-if you so desire.

I have also pondered using her as a pattern to make a armchair caddy for a chicken loving friend. Her head and back could then start to spread out on each side of the chair -one side as a counter weight to hold the junk OPPSSSSSSSS did I say junk - I mean essentials that you might want to contain on the opposite side - like tv remote - or scissors - or what ever you are into?
Maybe if I actually make it to bed sooner than 3:30 AM tonight - maybe my brain will get enough rest to try to function. : )
Love to all and hope you are "creating"!!!!!!   : )


  1. too cute love the chicken caddy idea. I have a chicken doorstop I made on my blog

  2. Linda,
    The chook is adorable!!! As for the eggs being stuck inside, in 21 days don't be surprised if you hear some chirping coming from inside the chook!! lol. You could probably try and copy that pattern and make another one??? Have a great day, Anita.