Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Fishie Remote Caddy

I really Hate to waste left-overs because you never know when they might come in handy-When I pulled this blue strip out I knew it would be perfect to make the binding for the pockets with this project.

Well - I got the blue sewn on and discovered my first b00-bOO!!!!!!!!!!!!  Yep, fishies do not normally swim upside down & no matter what a good job I had done with a nice straight seam -- I had to do it over . :-(  There was just BARELY enough fish fabric to cut out two more pockets.

See , I did finally get it right. But AFTER I had finished I Discovered  Another bad mistake. On the other side there was a HOLE in the very front of the pocket right at the fish's belly. I was SO miffed at myself -why in the world did I not see that to start with. Yes, I am having trouble with my eyes -but surly I should have seen that hole. Darn It.

I pulled out my thread & needle and gently sewed the hole closed. I am leery of it through because the threads of the fish wanted to pull loose-so when I finished I used some fabric glue on it Inside of the pocket  , so I will be curious to see what the results will be???????

You can see my manager came in for the final inspection. Bless his heart - he has been outside with me finishing chores and he needs a bath. All of this mud is driving me crazy- oops - that is just a short walk for me. LOL
Happy Sewing trails to you!

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  1. Poor old upside down fish. Maybe he got a hole trying to turn over! I love the blue binding with them.