Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Hello, Hello, Hello

Another beautiful day has come & gone FAST. It was a pleasantly warm day , but -as I was doing outdoor chores this morning I happened to notice that my daffodils are up-and this certainly is not April!!!!!!!!! I love the warm weather - and I also love my flowers & have never seen this before in my lifetime. I am hoping that they will not get killed ??????????????????????????

Gosh, I did house work , I did laundries, I fixed DH & James supper. DH was the one who helped me figure that one out. I had fixed a crockpot of kidney beans , not knowing why - I could only remember that I needed kidney beans for something?  DH came through the kitchen & saw Something in the crockpot & asked IF that was to be a pot of chili beans? As I came into the kitchen it hit me that was a very good idea. Nice & fast .

Another First for me was that I needed onions for the chili & did not have any -until DH mentioned he had seen some in the garden ?????? I thought we had pulled all of them in the Fall?? But he went down & carried back a nice handful. Even after a wicked freeze here lately - after I peeled the top layer off of them - they were wonderful ??? How about that -fresh onions in the dead of Winter?????????????????????? LOL

It did not take long to saute the onions and add peppers that I had frozen from the garden & then throw in the deer burger & add seasonings & it was completed. They scarfed it down & headed outdoors again. The perfect time for me to run the vacuum again & capture more mud. I wanted to get through the dirty parts before I took a shower.

Then I came out nice and clean & fixed me a Healthy Soup  that I had never tried before. I Love soups & this one was suppose to be enough for one person . That way I could test it & decide IF I should offer DH any.  It had onions & broccoli & spinach & tofu &mushrooms &  noodles in it . It looked so pretty & not like anything I had before.

My decision was that it is TERRIFIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! O YUMMY- the best thing I have put in my mouth since November when I had those top teeth pulled.O YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I had one small bowl & one of those green monster muffins from yesterday & I was thrilled at how good food could be.

More dishes later I fixed DH & myself another one of those safflower toddies & I have found a frozen orange juice in the freezer so we had that to chase it down . So, day two -the toddy is accomplished & again I feel so satisfied & have NO munchies!!!!!!!!!!!! Yippeeee !

This is my two pieces of fabric that I got yesterday at The Schoolhouse Fabrics. They are both knits -yet very different from each other. The Tweety Bird is a baby double knit & it is soft with some stretch. This one I will turn into a pair of lounge pants for either my d-in-law or my granddaughter????? They both enjoy anything Disney.

The second piece is a cotton knit with   Lycra . This is suppose to help it not pucker up on your knees???? I am looking forward to testing it out. I do have a shirt that a friend gave me & it has lycra in it & it does NOT wrinkle at all & I love it. 

I have not heard from the sewing machine "doctor" & I am wondering if that evil machine of mine could have murdered him in his own shop?????????????????????????  We will see?  

I will leave you now & Many Happy Stitches to you!


  1. Whoa Linda,
    Who's the busy girl then? I'm worried about your machine.....it must be pretty evil. lol.
    If you don't hear from the machine fixer man in three weeks, I think he's been done away with.
    Cheers, Anita.

  2. Did you make that soup because it sure sounds good. The chili sounded great too!!!

    1. Yes, I did make that soup & it was delicious . It made me think of soups at a Chinese restaurant.