Monday, January 23, 2012

Doggie arm chair remote

Gosh , family - I did not mean to get lost, but I certainly did accomplish that. I actually got lucky this morning & got all of the outdoor chores accomplished & hit the sewing room Before DH woke up. I was VERY pleased with myself.

I managed to complete this remote caddy this morning & I meant to post it then. But DH woke up & wanted to eat & you know how that is -then you have dishes & bla, bla, bla!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Next we jumped ship & took off up in the mountains to Floyd where there was suppose to be a sewing machine repair man. Of course he was closed. I copied down the information on the door & told DH that since we were in Floyd could we stop at the School House Fabric store. He laughed & said he knew we could not leave the little community of Floyd without stopping there.

Once we pulled into their parking lot - I placed a call to the sewing man! Told him we had missed him & how could we get the machine to him. First he said -come back tomorrow & then when I told him we were at the fabric store -he was tickled & he said to take it in & leave it with Jerry -the owner/manager & anything else that needed to be done. He said then he would pick it up tomorrow.

Well, Jerry is one of the sweetest fellows on the planet . While there I picked out two pieces of fabric to start on Christmas presents & have them in the wash machine now.

I was getting ready to post & was checking emails -when I noticed that I had a note from Fabric. com -where I had been checking out their sales last nigh. She said that I had put things in my shopping cart & not completed the sale & they would take off 15% if I would complete my order. LOL
Well that was my downfall tonight as I got lost in a fabric store online for HOURS & of course I added more to my cart because if you purchase35.00 -then you have free shipping.

So of course my order is completed , my project is completed, my dumb embroidery machine is waiting at the
machine doctors waiting to see the doctor  & my day is gone too - already on to another day & my eyeballs say GO TO BED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

O, but one more little note : This afternoon we stopped at a little health food store in Floyd & I managed to pick up a bottle of Safflower Oil. I don't know if you happen to remember the story I told about watching a program on tv  by a Dr. Oz about the benefits of this oil. He said to take two teaspoons of it each day to get rid of "belly fat".

So, as soon as we returned home I told DH that we were both going to try it & see what happens. As you know belly fat is one of the worst fats we can have . I put two little caps out with two teaspoons in each little cup. I gave each of us a wee little glass of tea to help wash it down with. We gagged & sputtered like two wimps, but we got it down. I was thinking we need some orange juice to wash it down . I went on in to the sewing room for a while& it was the time of the afternoon at dark when we both usually get the munchies. But, DH came by & asked, " is that stuff suppose to take our appetite away?" I told him ,no - not as I know.  I had fixed a little pan of muffins (but he did not know they had spinach in them) & I took one of them & we have dear James back helping DH this week - do the heavy stuff. So, they did munch on the muffins & said they were Good.( I will not tell them that they were good for them!) LOL But, that one satisfied me one hundred percent.  So, instead of a big serving of muffins - one satisfied me ?? I certainly do not know if it will work this way every night - but I will let you know.

OK, off to bed I go & send love to each of you!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Hi Linda,
    Thanks for the tip to the on-line fabric shopping. I did see about the spend $35 and you get free shipping. I have to hide my purse!!
    Regards, Anita.

  2. Hope you get your embroidery machine back fast. You sure are fast with your caddys