Monday, January 2, 2012

Old Man Winter Brings Fabric

Gosh, after our beautiful, mild weather we have enjoyed the last few weeks- today mean old Rude Ole Man Winter made his appearance and I was not one little bit pleased to see  and hear him. The wind was blowing like crazy , shaking the daylights out of all the trees and bushes. It was so cold it seemed to just blow right through you with no place to hide.

But, this magical box made its appearance on my cutting table. Now , for a while I could forget all about what was going on outside my window and my body would enjoy the warmth too! :)

Wasn't this sweet - they packaged the fabric in a plastic wrap so it would not be damaged if something wet got to the box.

AAAAHHHHH! Just check out these knit treasures . One is a camo knit , of course which will be used for something for the guys. The pink piece is a cotton latex mixture. I bought a piece of it that I made the youngest granddaughter a tee shirt out of it and I fell in love with the feel of the fabric. This was the last piece that they had and I am hoping for a tee shirt for me? Then the little critters fabric I had intended for a tee shirt for one of my friends who likes shirts with lots of colors so that she can wear them with just about any slacks.

I will take these to the wash machine and dryer to preshrink them, so just the garment will not  cause problems later down the road -hopefully. : )

You know how I am always talking about Miss Rosie the sewing cat and her LOVE for fabric. Remember I said that she will ATTEMPT to sit right smack down on any fabric that I make the mistake of leaving on the table???? WELL ???? I took that fabric and laid the box on top of it because DH called me away . This was what I found on my return! Sure am glad I stuck that box there - she is just a fabriholic~

This is the way to start a New Year! Yea! : )


  1. Your cat is very funny!
    Our dog Coco is like that, into everything!
    She was a right minx this morning and played in Griffin's hair! On the floor after I had chopped it off ... ha ha ha!

  2. Oh what a great box of goodies. I love the birdie fabric.

  3. Just one question young Linda.....Miss Rosie is a fabricholic??? Wonder who she gets that from? Hmmmm. Love the fabrics. Cheers, Anita.