Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Just One Of Those Days

Maybe we should be a little more like our pets (this is my Cocoa) & learn to live in the moment ,especially if we consider , the moment is the only thing that we can deal with now. Yesterdays are gone & tomorrows are not here Yet. I remember one time when I as younger that it hit me I was spending all of my time wishing the next month was almost here because that was when we would get paid. It made me realize that using that clock - my life was quickly slipping away- and I did not want that to happen.

Today was another one of those days that just flew by. I managed the morning chores & feeding us & then getting us ready for DH's doctor visit & my counselor. His doctor visit was a little strange because after we got to see the doc -she said that she had written down - No Appointment & yet there we were?So they took DH back in the back to the lab & after a half an hour wait they gave him some kind of shot . The nurse said that the shot last week was to help his bones & ready him for what ever this shot was today? I was very confused & as we left I made a mental note to myself that the next visit I was going to ask how he really is doing??????????????????

As we headed to the next town for my counselling we stopped at two Goodwill's to check for our young friend who is staying with us this week - to see if we could find some  jeans for him.  After two stores we only found one pair & they had been really distressed- even if that is the popular look , these were wore around the bottom hem & all around the waistband . There was one place that almost had a hole , so I darned that before it grows! He seemed very pleased & I only wished it was more, after all he has done to help us.

By the time we got home it was dark again & the day was gone. I fixed us some fish soup & crackers &  the guys had peanut butter sandwiches . I was so tired . I pushed my mind over to the side as it tried to scream at me how tired I was &  just dove  right into the dishes so they would not multiply over night!

Something about going to town just totally exhausts me. Tomorrow will be another one of those days for me as we are going to meet DH's sister & her husband as she is coming our way for a doctor visit with her back. I have decided that we just lease these bodies 7 taking care of them is a read challenge. My body & I often have disagreements about what we want to do?????????????????????

O, Let me share a few more of those blogs with you.

As I checked some of these out - just to make sure that the links worked -I enjoyed one of them for 52soups. I LOVE soups so that was neat.
Leaving for now & Be Happy :-)

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  1. You are so right. It flies by. I love that saying that says the little things will be the big things one day. One day at a time, right? I was wondering how your husband was doing but didn't know to ask or not. Keep us updated. I am glad I am back and connected to you all. I sure did miss you. We are still praying for you both.