Sunday, January 15, 2012

Look what snuck in last night

Yep, it certainly did- I always tell DH that it always snows in the nigh-time so I cannot get to see it fall. After all , that is the only part about snow that I enjoy - watching those little snowflakes come tumbling down to earth and even seeing if I can catch one with my tongue.But as far as the cold, wet and dirty part - I do not like anything to do with that .But, we get what we get & that is that. We have our young friend , James with us . He was going to help cut firewood but none of us knew this stuff was coming & then DH woke up sick yesterday morning & he slept all day and all night. James took the night shift feeding the wood stove & I took the morning shift . I went out to do morning chores and this stuff was everywhere. This is at the little chicken house as I went up to let them out. But they poked their little  heads out and refused to budge except to get a nice Warm drink of warm water I had brought them.

After I fed and watered everybody I  stopped to catch my breath and could not help but admire the little birdhouse that DH made me two years ago. Last summer it had some of the cutest little birds raise a family in it.

I was glad I was finished outdoors so I let the crisp wind nudge me along to the house. Inside everybody was still sleeping and that was fine by me. I tiptoed past them into the sewing room-YEA! For the next two hours to myself I rummaged through my cotton collection searching for materials to work some more on these arm chair caddies. After I had some sorted out I pulled out my iron and went to ironing the wrinkles  out of them. Hum? there are some nice pieces in here - things might go right .

Then just as I was about to iron the last piece - yep - you guessed it -DH was up. So much for my nice quiet morning of sewing -but at least it was a start. I went out and fixed my oatmeal while they fixed their eggs & bacon. Then I spent the next hour washing dishes and putting some order back to the little kitchen.

They both went outdoors for a while so I decided to fix a new recipe I had picked up for minestrone. It called for lots of veggies & that took a while to chop them all up. After that was on the stove to simmer I put together a peach pie -the kind that makes its own crust, yea I know -lazy me ,but they will be happy to just have a treat.

While I was working on that pie I noticed that my big aquarium was not right. I went over to feed them , but I could see stuff floating around in the water -making it murky. O SHOOT! My plans did not include a day to work on an aquarium-but this was one of those "have to " cases .Either fix it -OR- watch my fish die & that was not about to happen.

For the next hour I tore the canister filter down and cleaned all of its parts & thought I was almost finished as I hooked it back to the tank. I flipped the reconnect button AND - water squirted everywhere it was NOT suppose to. I was stunned for a minute as I was not expecting that. I unhooked everything once again and carried it back to the sink . I thought I had installed some of the baskets wrong -so I took them all out and cleaned them & put them back in the opposite way.

Time to see if it was going to work , but this time I went hunting for some kind of container to set the canister in -just in case again. Water is NOT Good for hardwood floors and I cannot get up under the shelf that the aquarium sets on. Good thing I did because once again -water squirted everywhere again.

I disconnected everything again and found the information on the canister and sat down to read and try to figure out what the problem could be. While I had my head in the pamphlet DH said he bet it was the gasket. So, I took everything apart one more time and pulled the gasket out and reinserted it-changed the little baskets and prayed all the way to the aquarium! I was scared to death to reconnect everything . But prayer do work and it took off like it was suppose to ! YEA! By the time I cleaned up the living room from where I had tore it up working  and we ate and I washed dishes and yep- here I am and the day is gone- AGAIN!
I am BEAT!

SO, I will bid you adue!!!!!!!!!


  1. The snow looks gorgeous even though it makes me shiver here in my bathers. LOL
    No wonder the chooks are staying put.
    Hope DH is better.
    Oh no it is so annoying when things don't go as planned.
    Have a better day tomorrow

  2. Hi Linda,
    Isn't it great when you get some sewing time or any time to yourself? At least you got a bit done before the sleepy heads woke up. Of course, the chooks aren't going to come out of their house...they haven't got their snow boots on!! lol
    Regards, Anita.