Saturday, January 7, 2012

DH's lounge pants

I do not know why that life just rolls right along and buries you with it sometimes. I have just been so swamped that it seemed like I could not "bob" to the surface.You would think when someone stays at home that it would be easy to get on a schedule -but when you work at a job outside of your home you usually Have to be on a schedule while there. When you are home there is always something that ends up in your lap that you did not plan on. I noticed that when I worked for my two friends who were sisters and in their 80's ( one is 92 now ) It got so bad at their homes with people popping in that I had a hard time cleaning their houses .

This is a new pair of lounge pants for DH -that would not have been possible if not for my -E-sister in Tenn. She bought the fabric for my Christmas present because I had mentioned I could not find any. What a wonderful surprise. I do believe that this flannel is much nicer quality than what I had been using. It seems much more sturdy and it behaved differently as I worked with it. I did get the fly and Pockets both in this pair. I am actually proud of them and he did try them on and they fit perfectly . Since I did pre-shrink them I do not plan on anything weird happening with them and I hope he gets a Lot of use out of them. (You can tell I am trying to keep him for a Long time and I keep telling that dumb cancer to just pack up your bags and leave town) : )

It was a truly magnificent day. I worked outdoors with only a short sleeve shirt and it was hard to believe that this is January ! I told DH that this was the first time I can ever remember in my life-time being able to do this and I really treasure the experience. : )  I was a jack of all trades today it seems, I got all of my chores accomplished and DH went down and started cutting us some firewood and when I finished my chores I ran in the house and brought out a load of laundry to hang out .Then I boogied down and started loading the truck with the wood he had cut. It was hard work , I have found that being 61 is not quiet as easy as back in my 30's , but I am so grateful to have the health to accomplish this.

We brought that load up to the stove and unloaded it into the little shed where the wood stove lives at . : )
Then he went back down to cut and I ran in and got another load of laundry and hung it out and ran back in and cleaned the living room and steam cleaned the hardwood floors . They were just so dirty and I love to enjoy them when they just seem to sparkle. I really do love them - I love to run my hands over their silkiness and tell the wood how special it is .

Then I boogied back down the hill and started loading the truck one more time. I was tired and the logs were heavy. We kept fussing at each other not to get hurt. LOL  He is so silly - we brought that load up and put it on skids and he started directing me on how he wanted the wood to lay - - - but all those years when we were younger and I wanted to stack it nice and neat and he would have no part of that!  It is funny to see how people change . LOL  We finally got it all unloaded without killing each other . It was late then so he took off to the woods because today is the last day of deer season. I know Me and the deer  will be glad for that. :)

I came in and started working on something to feed us. I was tired and it makes it hard for me to concentrate. I had two new recipes I wanted to fix. One was a mix of white potatoes and sweet  potatoes that you chop and mix together . Then spray your baking container and mix the "spuds" all together and coat them with oil and oregano and thyme and salt and pepper and then back them for about 30 minutes. While they were working I fixed some muffins that are suppose to be healthy for you and you use chia seeds ground in them. The chia seeds are suppose to expand and help control your appetite and I fixed some home canned green beans with it all. I was so tired I forgot that I had meant to fix DH's venison with it , until I dished it up . I told him I had forgot to do that and asked if he wanted to wait and let me fix it and he said no, I think he was hungry too.

I do think that the chia seeds helped- I ate two of the muffins with a bowl of the green beans and "spuds" and I felt satisfied and did not have to go for seconds. (It might have been that I was too tired to life the spoon any longer!  LOL )

While he went to work on a carburetor for a friend - I cleaned up the food mess and came to my sanctuary  - the sewing room and pulled out the pants I had cut out and "customized " with the fly. But, as my hands moved over the lovely soft fabric I could feel my spirits relaxing. My back was complaining- but , my spirits were happy. :)

O Shoot! It is after midnight here and DH had just gone to bed and I need to hit the kitchen and put a crockpot of beans on for tomorrow , as DH's sister and her DH  are coming to visit. So, I am sending love to you guys !
Happy Trails to you! : )

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  1. I know what you mean there is always something to do and some things never get done...
    The lounge pants are nice.. I might have to try sewing up a pair.. I got a serger for Christmas.