Friday, January 20, 2012

We Do What We Can- When We Can

This is another one of those "road-runner" days- run to town - run to the mill for critter feed & for flour for us.Of course it made the day just fly by. O, DH took James home for the weekend -or so they said. LOL  I will wait & see what  happens. I miss having him in the house with his sweet , quiet ways. It reminded me of things that our youngest son & I use to do together. It was nice .

But after we got back home I locked up all the chickens . It got dark early tonight - the sky was loaded with dark heavy clouds and now it is pouring down a Cold rain as the temperature is right on freezing. I am so grateful that I do not have to go away from home in the morning. I am so blessed.

So, this afternoon I made it to the sewing room & decided to cut out a few of the arm chair caddies , now that I am happy with their size. I think I have 3 of them cut out  & I used up all of the white canvas that I was using in the center.

I did try to get in contact with the lady whose DH is suppose to work on machines . I had missed her at work yesterday & when I called back today they said she had already left-so I tried her home phone number & left her a message. DH said if we do not hear from her soon we will just have to take the machine to a dealer in another state. That is definitely one Monster Disadvantage to having a Brother machine -there is no service dealer anywhere near us & the two we have found the last two years was just not worth finding. Darn it! If only I knew how to fix the hateful things????????????  Or if only I had the big bucks to buy a Janome or a Bernina  as we have two excellent dealers almost in our back yard. But, it is what it is & that is that! :-)

I also need to find time to work on making a shorts pattern for my sister-in-law. The patterns I have are too small & she brought me a pair if Knit shorts & you know how confusing it is trying to make a pattern from knits. I do not know IF the shorts fit her -with the fabric relaxed -or- if they fit because they stretch to where they are comfortable. My wee little brain is in a dither & she has a birthday coming up in two weeks so I better figure something out before then.

I will bid you all a due!!!!!!!!  
Take time to smile - it is so good for you!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)


  1. Pleased you were able to be inside and work on some sewing. Hope the machine lady calls you soon.

  2. you have more energy than I do.. How you get all that work finished