Sunday, January 8, 2012

Good Intentions

I started off the day with Lots of good intentions, fed us-completed outdoor chores , took my walk , hung out a load of laundry and made it to the sewing room while waiting for DH's sister to arrive. I decided my next two projects would be to make a long and a short sleeve shirt for me. I pulled out the roll that contained the green variegated knit that I had saved since last year and cut out about a yard of it and started cutting out my shirt- first the front and then the back .

 I get both front and back cut out from this yard so I decide to cheat on my neckband because this one will be for me .

I take two halves and sew them together to make my neckband. I have seen them in the stores and they look like that is the way they intended. : ) That way my little scraps do not get wasted. Yea. It is so nice to be allowed "personal "time with my fabric and it always puts a smile on my face. I know I will need to use the serger now, so I actually get smart this time  and drag a little scrap out of the trash can and run it through the serger - thank goodness for once I did something right! That naughty serger breaks bad on me and makes a terrible mess like a toddler having a temper tantrum! So, time to pull out the doctor personality and start testing. Thirty minutes into my doctor personality the dogs start barking and I know the relatives have arrived. I put my babies to sleep and go in to greet them. Surprise.

Eddie's Mama had passed away a year ago and he brings in some of the fabric that she had to see if I can get any use out of it. My sister-in-law says that someone else had taken all the new fabric and left this. So, my cutting table goes from surgery table to examination table.

Our oldest son and one of the grandson's had came early this morning and cut up a big pile of logs that he had hauled in earlier two weeks ago and Cory was cutting it up and Ronnie was loading it onto a truck and taking it to the house and unloading it.They stopped and came in to visit with their Aunt & Uncle and then left. That left us "old folks" to eat beans and cornbread and spend the afternoon together.When you do not know how long you have with someone it gets to where every minute is special.

So, now they are gone and I came back in to check out my space. I don't know what to do first- start checking out the packages or remove them and finish cutting out my shirt. Then I wanted to show you how Miss Rosie was so thrilled , she was poking her nose in any bag it would fit and trying to open the boxes to check them out.I grabbed my camera and got ready to click when it say those famous words,"card is full".What//////////////////////////////// it should not be, but it is . I try to scoot over to the off line computer I had planned to save pictures to and all the pictures look like shadows of colors -not real color pictures and I cannot figure out what to do ????? It is amazing how many hours you can lose in a computer -whether it is one that co-operates with you or not. :)

And, instead of keyboard failure which it had told me was the problem - it is mouse failure and I have a spare -so now at least that works.  Now, I am really stuck - mess all around me and hardly any progress made.:(

So, I will bid you farewell & hope you are having as much fun as I am- did I really say FUN??????? LOL

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