Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Bills Day

Here they are all washed and dried and ironed. They just are so tempting -but my day was a mess because of trying to figure out bills. What should have been an hour project turned into a 8 hour job. There is one site that just drives me crazy and that is the Verizon whom we receive house phone, cell phones and internet privileges and I DESPISE their website. 99% of the time it is just a nightmare to go to to pay our bills. I have fought with it for at least 3 years. Why they cannot make it customer friendly is beyond me and I noticed  on a forum today that a LOT of people feel the same way I do. 

That was bad enough , but of course you know how it is ! I had to order DH's cancer meds - or so I thought. I called and got a nice lady and we set it all up and it would be mailed out today. WRONG! We had no longer than just hung up when a different man called back and said that because it was the first of the year that we had a co-pay of 2300.00 ! I could not decide whether to laugh or cry- that amount  of money is unattainable for us.So, I called the doctor's office and left a message about the problem to see if they had any ideas because they had found a way last year when the same thing happened. Everything has to be SO complicated .It was hard enough for me to make those calls and to have no good come from them was terribly disappointing .

So, because all of these "unfun" things took all of my day this fabric was the closest I could come to sewing. I did get them all washed and dried in the hot dryer and then ironed them all so they would be ready to become transformed. But, here it is 1:30AM and I need to go fall in bed. I had just returned from outdoors and feeding that wood stove. It was very hungry-probably because the wind was still roaring and with a temperature of 10 degrees -it was miserable. I took my little parlor princess Mochia out with me . But, I did put her sweater , that my friend Patty had just given me and Mochia Hates to put it on or take it off-but , she really did seem to appreciate the effort. :)

So, I will bid you all ado until we meet once again! : ) 


  1. I do hope you get all your DH's meds sorted and you had a really nice warm sleep.

  2. sorry you have so much trouble .. I too cant figure out alot of web sites.. Grrrrrr . gets me so upset.. Why do they make things so complicated... I am not a conputer wiz...
    things got to get better

  3. Makes you cross when the cost of meds are sky high!! Hope it all gets sorted out for HD. As for computers, they are not my friends. lol. Only when they're working for me. Hope you had a nice sleep and are all refreshed. Cheers, Anita.

  4. Oh I do hope you manage to get your hubby's medication without having to pay so much!
    It's a shame LIVING comes down to money!

    AND THANK YOU SO MUCH! I recieved your gift today.... you did not have to do that!
    You should be putting every cent you have into you and your dear husband, NOT ME!
    But I do think it was lovely of you.

  5. I don't know if this will work with your bank's website, but I pay all of my bills through my bank's online bill paying service (which is free)instead of going to each company's website. It's really fast and easy!
    I've been reading your blog for some time, but I've never commented before. I do enjoy reading about your sewing projects!