Saturday, January 14, 2012

Remote control caddy

I started out today attempting to draft a pattern.I had visited a blog that has a sewing project of running each month &  found her to be very enticing .
This month it is arm chair caddy.  Most of them are sewing caddies for those people who sew and stick your pins in the chair arm. I do not know any people who do hand sewing -but I decided it would be a perfect start to Christmas presents by turning it into a tv remote caddy.

I wanted some kind of stabilizer -so I substituted some denim that I had scraps left over from some pants . Having storage for scraps is tough, but I do try. I have a plastic bag that I have them in right now - Yea- I know -really high tech isn't it??? LOL

 It is amazing how much time you can put into even the smallest project- but , it is a neat feeling to lose yourself into one!

It took all afternoon to complete it. I am not satisfied with it , but it will work for now. Maybe if I sleep on it my brain will figure out what I need to do now.

Talk about sleep - now that it is bed time I need to go feed the stove , BUT - I just peeked out the door and we have a good inch of fluffy snow everywhere. Talk about a sneak attack!!!!!!!!!!!!   : )


  1. Oh how nice to have fluffly white snow. I have just finished mopping my floors and I am soaking. It's very hot here.
    Your remote caddy looks great.

  2. your caddy is great.. How cool for the TV remotes great idea... smart Christmas gifts too We are always loosing our remotes.. Love the fabric..