Sunday, January 22, 2012

Owl armchair remote caddy

On my caddy today I experimented with a different stitch to close my edge that I turned from. I like it better. It is a slightly cold day today , everything is SO very wet. The ground is saturated -in some places packed down & in other places very slippery where the ground is soft.The way I go to the chicken house is a mess because that is the way that DH brings in wood with his truck & the truck really tore up the land. Mud??????? I HATE mud! LOL

I have a pain in my right side -down very low - & it is driving me nuts. I have been online searching for answers. I just want it to GO AWAY!

I do like this caddy-it will be a Christmas gift for one of my young friends . She has graduated college & is working two jobs.  Another plus for this project is that the fabric is so very soft to the touch. One nice thing about doing several projects of the same type is that I do get better with each one & learn of boo-boos to watch out for.

Sending love


  1. Oh I love your caddy. I need one of those for my hubby. He is always losing his magnifying glass and remotes. What an amazing idea.
    Thanks for sharing

  2. I love this!!! I sure hope you feel better soon. You may need to go and get that checked out.

  3. Your remote caddies are terrific Linda, and I do hope you're feeling better now, did you find out what was causing your pain?
    Joy :o)