Sunday, January 1, 2012

Testing ?

OK, I have been test-sewing this Butterick pattern . I love this pack because it has most of the sizes you would need for average size males. This is my favorite patterns for making most of my long sleeve tee shirts and lounge pants and it also included this pattern for shorts with a fly. So, I am testing it out to see what DH will think of its fit and also its comfort properties. I was so blessed because my Tenn. buddy sent me two pieces of flannel for Christmas. This piece had a yard in it - so I thought that would be perfect to experiment the shorts with.
This is how the fly turned out -looks good -now to find out if it is functional???? If it is just for looks then that is way too much work to waste my time on. I know he will love the fabric -first the camo pattern and also because it is so soft. I have not seen ANYTHING like this fabric anywhere up here around us and I have looked everywhere.

Today has been a perfect day to sew as it has been DARK and Gloomy looking all day long-and sewing is the perfect "sport" to just life my spirits. I am worried about DH - he has slept most of the day-so I know the cancer is at work and I DESPISE cancer. I despised it when I was little too because it took my favorite Aunt away from me. It is a terrible enemy.

HUM? I better go check on the stove- I had almost forgot all about it, since DH normally keeps the eye on it, so I know I better remind myself that I will need to take up the slack . I hope that you have started out the New Year with happiness, peace and joy! Since sewing is a joy to me I already have that one covered. When I get back to the house I will fix some cornbread to go with the beans I have in the crockpot! Yes, I Really Love our crockpot!!!!!!!! LOL

Love for now

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  1. OH I do hope your hubby is not declining too fast. Such a worry for you and him.
    I love my Crockpot too, but forget to use it sometimes!
    Those pants are neat too.. but I agree, if the fly is only there for looks, it's not worth the effort.