Monday, January 16, 2012

American armchair remote caddy

Where in the world did this day go to???? Outside chores , breakfast , cleaning up & running the vacuuming several times today as every time the guys went outdoors and returned with their muddy boots -it was getting to be a mess.

Our young friend , James went out this after noon and cut a big truck load of wood. He does such a good job & is so kind to help two older pains. : -)  I wanted to go down & help him pick up the wood & load it onto the truck to bring to the house, but - I was working on fixing him some supper. If I do not have money to give to him - I am trying to at least feed him good. 

I had read this morning that IF I would juice 3 carrots a day it would help me prevent macular degeneration , which was what my eye doctor had spotted just showing signs of 3 years ago. I need to go back for a recheck & glasses because I am having trouble seeing again. So, I decided to attempt the carrots. My sister-in-law had given me a Bullet ,which is a small multi-purpose appliance that chops up stuff . I had notice one small canister that looked like a juicer to me. You know Mechanical things hate me - well, sure enough I got in trouble with it too. I put it together and turned it on and NOISE - loud noise as it screamed at me.

I tried once again & same thing all over again. It smelled of plastic & I decided that the blade was cutting into the plastic as it whirled around, SO I took it apart and put the Other blade in it and Same thing????? I looked everywhere for a paper of instructions & could not find any , so I kept fiddling until I got it co-operating . I washed my carrots & inserted the first one and I could see that it did "Mulch" the first one , so I inserted the second one only to have it be practically jerked out of my hand & end up wedged in side ways and on top of that there was not a sign of juice anywhere??????

Desperate people do desperate things -so I went hunting and pulled out of the basement a old juicer that I had in storage. It is not an expensive one, but bless its little heart it did come to life & did a good job of getting me some carrot juice. By now I have learned to dilute my fresh juice & it did not take but about 5 swallows to down it. The pain is cleaning up all of the machinery I had in my wake. That took almost an hour to accomplish. While I was searching for papers I had ran across a little book of recipes that said not to waste the trimmings & it had a recipe for a small carrot cake. I hauled out all of the ingredients , except I did not have any pineapple -so I substituted a little tangerine I found in the bottom of the veggie drawer. All of this mixing & hunting & Washing utensils takes another hour. 

By now my good intentions to help James has fallen by the wayside because he has already come to the house and unloaded the wood. As he is walking by the building he discovers water spraying everywhere?????????DH goes out to check and discovers that a water line has frozen & burst .They have to run to town to get some supplies to fix that . See what I mean about Always Something going on??????????

They get that fixed and I finish vacuuming for the 3rd time. I went to the chicken house & gather the eggs & lock up the chickens so nobody will attempt to eat them while we sleep. It is hard to keep chickens between the hawks , owls , foxes, coyotes, wolves & last but not least - humans! Two years ago some human came while we had gone to town and stole all 22 that I had in one house! I am still mad over that because that was my favorite rooster. I had raised him from a baby & his color was titled a Splash - he looked like he had pokeadots all over him -and he was so dear to me. : -(

With dark setting we all come in & have supper. I had fixed a veggie shepherd's pie with baked beans & the carrot cake for dessert. Of course I ate too much & my tummy is saying that it is far smarter than my head -or I would not have put too much in there. LOL

After I cleaned up the kitchen I waddled into the sewing room and managed to produce this American armchair remote caddy. I tried really hard to get things right , but after I was finished - I Hated it. So, I carried it into the living room where my #1 tester was enjoying his favorite pastime - TV. I handed it to him and asked  for his opinion . It looked good on the arm of the chair - but , I am just real dissatisfied with it.

I remember that I made one for my deaf friend years ago and he Loved his. Seems like I made it fatter & longer so that you could tuck the one side under the cushion of the chair to secure it.By being larger he put the remote on one side and then stored some tissues for easy access??????  Do any of you guys have any thoughts??????

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  1. Hi Linda,
    It's a pity you didn't get a lock of the chook stealer's hair, you could make a calico doll and stick pins in it. Oops, naughty Anita.