Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Woe Is Me Once Again

Yep, this is the project I was pouring myself into tonight. Already tired and was just "hoping" I could pull it off. WRONG! I was halfway through the design when it went to breaking threads Again. But, I babied it and did not get upset with it-believing if Only I could have patience I could accomplish my goal-Wrong once again.

But all of a sudden it made the most hideous screech and shivered all over and well, to be truthful - it was all over. It shivered so hard that it almost yanked the project from the hoop. Still I thought -Maybe???? Let's just try a few things . I tried pulling the front off of the machine because sometimes It would get a thread hung on a spring and scream at me. But -no - no string. Then I thought maybe on that little box on top that you have to remove the cover to get to- so I carefully removed the little box and took off one of the screws-but no everything looked good there? I tried to put the little box back on, but I could not get the little screw to co-operate, no matter how hard I tried. I even went and checked out DH's screwdriver collection and OF Course all of his were gone. Pooh!

 Well, ladies - this is what some of your machines look when they are a little naked. Knowing it was beyond saving - I tried the needle up and down for the last time and it just shivered at me. I did manage to "accidentally" save the design in the machine. Then I tried turning the machine off and then back on - Nope - won't budge- it is just "stuck" royally........why in the world does this machine hate me so much????? At least the good thing is that that it is not a week before Christmas with projects all lined up-that must be the silver lining behind this dark cloud.

Well, it is after midnight and I am doubly pooped! I have to go outdoors and feed the woodstove and go lock up the chickens -hoping the rain will let up so I can see and hoping I do not fall on the mud and get all messy.  I am leaving and hoping that we can see what tomorrow brings.
love to all! :)


  1. Oh no Linda! I hope your sewing machine isn't trying to go to Sewing machine heaven!!!! Like you said, glad it didn't mess around before you got the Christmas presents done. Good luck with the chickens, watch your step so you don't fall in the mud. Go get some sleep now.
    Regards, Anita.

  2. oh boy !!!! I am so sorry I feel your pain... I get so upset when my machine doesn't want to work for me. And it doesnt matter when it happens it still hurts. Altho my daughter machine made terrible noises 2 weekes before Christmas she was making 4 quilts for presents and oh no the noise was terrible. Thank goodness the repair place had it done in 3 days.