Tuesday, May 3, 2016


It was suppose to be the day for my acupuncture treatment but my therapist had to postpone because she had strep throat. I am so glad that she thinks enough of me to not endanger me. I love her for that. So it is set up for next Tuesday.

Then I decided to get ready and go get the  monthly groceries for me and the pups.  About that moment that Cali (not Gabby above) came busting through the doggie door with another beautiful bird. As fast as I could move I was after her and the race was on until the bird slipped through her mouth. I grabbed Cali and put her in the bedroom again while I climbed around on my knees trying to locate the bird. Finally I did and the little thing lite on my finger. I am pretty sure it was a Baltimore Oriole - it was so beautiful . I pointed my finger to the door i had opened and after it thought about it for a minute -it was gone.

This was the second time she has nabbed one of these beautiful creatures, much to my dismay. But, this was the first one since i put the bell on her collar. I think I need another bell?????

Then I loaded up the trash to take down with me and when I turned the key - the car did not grunt???? This time though my daughter had parked it where i could drift it off and so I did to get it running. I stopped at the mailbox to mail the monthly payment in for my house taxes and realized I had forgot to stamp it???? Darn it. So back up to the house I went and got the stamp. This time the car started and I knew it would be good for it to drive it to hopefully recharge everything.

I made it to Lowes Building supplies to get the fence post and soil I needed and the rain came pouring down??? By the time I had located the bolts I needed for the fence posts the rain was slower. I had to get a young man to help me get the soil as someone had torn open numerous bags and I could not lift the good bags over them to my buggy. So, he did it for me and put them in the car for me.

Next stop was the Dollar Tree where I found the two plant hangers I needed and two doggie bowels.  I walked from there to Wal-mart to get the "doggie meats" and then my frozen fruits for my smoothies and some veggies for me. I almost passed out at the register because it was 188.00?? I had not planned to spend more than one hundred because i have an eye appointment the middle of this month? Darn it

I was so pleased that the car did start and I stopped to get gas. I had to laugh when I went to put the gas in. Money was so tight last month that I had hardly gone anywhere . When I opened the door to the gas tank a wasp had built a nest in there???? LOL  So, I did good but he had to be evicted. lol

I made my last stop at the new dog food store in town and got the 4 cans of special food that I put my pups medicine in -in order to get them to take it.

I still have not got my fibromyalgia meds and my eye meds and my pups meds????? There goes another two hundred bucks and that will about be the end of my check. Money just does not go anywhere these days and it is very scary.

I wanted to do some work outdoors but it was still raining off and on and dark and gloomy so I think it affected my mood and my fibro was hurting a little . Just sore and stiff all over -doesn't help.

Then while i was typing this post the computer just up and died???? It went dark and said No Signal and that was the end of it?? Talk about challenges !!!!!!  So, I have revived it from the dead long enough to complete this post. Sending love to all and good nite!

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