Thursday, May 19, 2016

Eye Doctor Appointment

I was so very fortunate today that my son and daughter-in-law took me to my eye appointment. I knew I would have problems because it really messes with my eyes when they dilate them. Matter of fact it is 6 hours later and they still are giving me problems. So , I would really have been up the creek with out a paddle ??????

On the way home he stopped at Subway and bought us all subs. That way I got my veggies and they got their meats. The Dollar Tree was right next door so I went over and picked up a few of these S hooks to try to hang my flowers on that new porch roof  my daughter had built. I INTENDED to grab these hummingbird ones  _BUT!

For some reason I ended up grabbing the wrong ones and got the rest Butterflies! They are ok, but I was still so disappointed in myself????? GRRRRR.  Then Cory ran in with me at Wal-mart's and helped me get milk, orange juice and tea and frozen blueberries and pineapple for my smoothies. He knew where everything was and made it happen so nice and quick. I was so grateful that I did not have to drive in all that afternoon traffic.

Then we stopped at the lawyers for me to sign the papers to hand over a piece of land that joins his. I was so afraid I might just up and kick the bucket and the land get messed up going to him. It was nice and cloudy so that had helped my eyes a little but once we stepped through that door I was almost blinded. I don't know if the walls were really green or not but all I saw was a blur of total green and that was it. I managed to follow them back to the office but then everything changed to bright PINK!  It was very frightening ???? At least now the land belongs to him and it will help me a tad bit on my taxes - Yea!

The eye doctor said that I was holding stable! Yea! I told him about using the organic castor oil in my eyes at night and he said that he had read that could actually help detox . So any good I am doing I will keep on the straight and narrow path to save my eye sight. This is bad enough - but I still have my independence. I hated to ask Cory and Tracy to take me today but it was so nice to get to see them and one of the grandbabies -who had a terrible cough. I just sent them a link with various natural remedies for that  as I hate to see a child cough themselves to exhaustion and Tracy had just had him to the doctor and they told her they do NOTHING about a cough now????  Mainly because druggies drink the children's cough syrups that used to have to codeine in it??? Now the innocent babies have to pay the price?? It is very sad.


  1. I love how you and your family are close. They were able to be with you at your eye appointment and help you around afterward. I'm sorry you grabbed the wrong hooks, but the butterflies are cute! I hope your grandchild is feeling better. It is sad, and sometimes scary, to see a baby who is not feeling well.

    Jennifer Bell @ Find Clarity Vision Smith field

    1. How lovely to have you drop in Sweetheart. I had to look back at the post and saw it was Summertime and OOO- how I miss Summertime! LOL I will be so Thrilled to see her sweet return. I could not help but notice you are from N.C. and that is my Very Favorite state ! My DH and I use to go there every weekend for the flea markets and I miss that terribly. The people were always so very sweet and friendly and so talented. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Hugs from a granny in va.