Friday, May 27, 2016

Busy , Busy Friday

My day was up and going fairly early for me. I had to unload the car of 4 big bags of wood shavings I had bought yesterday. Two went to the garden and two went up to the building for the chickens.

Then I went on and pulled all of my junk out of the car and went and got my vacuum and went to work on the inside of it . It was FILTHY after being abused all winter like a Truck. The My vacuum quit working. It is one that has that nice 18 foot long hose on it but it had got something stuck up in it  from last nigh. I beat and banged on it and made it dance all over the yard until a piece of  of  dryer softner sheet came flying out and that was what had stopped it up.

Finally I had the inside cleaned out and all the stuff rearranged back inside . That made me happy as I had been DREADING that job.

Next I hurried to the house and loaded up Blondie - who had been bitten by something last night -And- Mocha -who has been so sick and Rosie the Sewing cat -who had started to throw up again and was digging at her neck and off to the vet we went.

Blondie got a shot and some antibiotics . Mocha got a worm pill and some medicine and Rosie got her shot for throwing up and some drops for a fever and something for an allergy - plus the pups all got a little medicine for their hearts-but the vet said that the company had quit making their heart meds and if they offered no substitutions then he would call the vet  hospital next week to see what they suggested. It really has me worried as this medicine has worked so good for them. It has been wonderful to see them be able to breath!!!!!!!!!!

So back to the house I came as it was very warm today and I did not want to leave the furbabies in the car to do any other errands. I unloaded all of them and fed them . Then I carried all of the little chickens down to their runs in the garden and I finally fixed myself a bowl of soup for breakfast and I went back to town to pick up some supplies. Then back home and did all the outdoor chores and fought to get two big flower pots back up on the front porch. IT was a battle but I pulled it off -then I took off to the shower because my back was hurting.

While I was in the shower I had visitors?

This precious little 2 year old Imp -is my great-granddaughter and then her Mama (my granddaughter) and then my daughter and her partner. We all worked out doors for a few hours . This little imp and her Mom is staying for a while. She has played so hard her little cheeks are all rosy. Maybe she can sleep tonight? Then tomorrow will be another adventure.

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  1. You are always sew busy with all your critters, do hope they stay well.
    Your great great daughter is cute how nice to have them stay awhile...