Monday, May 23, 2016

The Weather People Never Seem To Get It Right

They were calling for thunderstorms today so I took off to town and picked up two bags of potting soil and two stevia plants and one basil plant. I had to stop and get a quart of oil for the car and then stopped at the Good will just to see if they had any flower pots . I was in luck - I found two just the right size.

As soon as I got home I jumped into my working clothes and headed to the garden. I dug up a new spot and planted the Chinese Cabbage that a friend gave me yesterday . I hoed down the little potato patch. I am anxious to mulch it, but am just waiting to see how many actually come up .

I got my geranium and the impatient and the shamrock all potted up in new soil. All ready for the Summer.

Then I tackled my baby nasturtiums. This was the first time in my life I had actually collected my own seeds and started them from scratch -so I am proud of them.  You can actually eat the leaves -they are spicy.

I moved on and planted the two big pots with tomatoes. One is a cherry tomato and one is a black tomato? Then the white box is marigolds and the green box is Love In The Mist.  I have learned if I keep the marigolds on the porch that the mosquitoes do not come on the porch.

I got my biggest naval orange repotted in the pot I got at the Goodwill. I wanted one a little bigger than what it was in, but also a little lighter in weight to help me carry it in the house for the Winter.

Then I had a free pot where the larger orange had been in that I could put the smaller orange in.  I need to do that little lime tree but I am almost out of soil and my back mutinied ! Plus, I am still fighting that dumb bug and my foot is still whining.

The day turned out very nice. If I could have foreseen that -then i could have put the chickens out and let them scratch up the next  spot I will need to dig up.

I also got a little chestnut tree planted and covered that my friend gave me.  Yea. Trying so hard to have food.

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