Monday, May 9, 2016

Monday -Cloudy and nice

It was a perfect day to work- just wish I felt up to snuff. Crystal and Tim came as it was Crystal's day off and Tim was let go from work early again.  The mulch business he works from seems to be going down hill.

It was my second attempt at cleaning the porch off when they arrived to "Mow". I certainly did not expect them to mow on her day off when she should have been resting and enjoying the company of her partner. But they both helped me scrap for a while before they mowed.

I was tickled to get to see them  I spent most of the rest of the day scraping on the porch trying to remove the paint that had just peeled up and made a mess. It was keeping the boards wet and afraid it would cause them to rot. I swept till I thought my arms would fall off and then scrap for a while. It made a big  difference.

Crystal wants to come back and seal it with something. I am just so happy to have a porch again - I am in "porch heaven". I carried two of my Big flower plants outdoors after they left and cleaned up most of my mess and then called it quits as all of the up and down and pressure was making me sick at my stomach.

But, the end of the day was perfect.I went and got Miss Rosie the Sewing Kitty from my bed where she had been evicted with the arrival of the other two cats. I put a blanket around us and crawled up on the swing with her. The reason this was so important to me was because last Summer the kitty I had kept for my granddaughter for 15 years had passed away. Now she had two places that she commanded and you would Always find her there. In the Summer it was on the porch in the swing , when she was not in the house and in the Winter it was in the computer chair.

But, after she passed , one day Miss Rosie accidentally found the porch and the swing and she was in love. That did not last long for her because that was when my friend tore it down thinking they would build me a small sunroom-but life just did not turn out that way -so when Crystal and Tim built me a porch back now I had the opportunity to let me and Rosie enjoy it once again.

She was so cute as she peeked out from under the blanket I had us covered in. Ever so gradually she would inch herself out from the blanket to where she could see better on my lap until she had her two front legs sticking out . She would life her little head and smell the Spring breeze that was blowing and it smelled so good with fresh cut grass. Then as darkness descended the hillside was covered in lighting bugs-which is early for them here as they usually do not arrive until around June??? But they sure were beautiful. So, we had a perfect ending to our day.  I hope you did too.

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  1. Sew nice to have the kids help and that you can enjoy your porch again.