Monday, May 16, 2016

A Day Like I Did Not Expect

It was a cold start to the morning so I was a little late getting out . I did get most of the chickens out but fudged on one cage of them because my foot started to hurt . So I figured 8 trips up and down the hill would be enough for one morning easing back into things.

I cleaned out 3 of the runs and mulched the rest of my hellebore bed. . I was running out of paper to stick up under the sawdust so I raided my car of every old piece of paper and junk mail and that helped. I need a little more sawdust but it will have to wait for now.

As I carried the chickens up and down the hill I noticed that the last rose bush my DH had given me was in bloom. It's hard to believe after the last two COLD nights we have had.

This always makes me so happy because I feel like he is reaching down and giving me a hug.

I have had this spot all covered up in the garden All winter long with this heavy black tarp - hoping to kill off any weeds???? I am curious to see if it will make any difference??? So , I pulled back the tarp and went to laying off my two rows of the Variegated Tomato plants. I am excited about them since I saved the seeds myself from a tomato that a friend shared with me. Then low and behold a truck pulled in.

It was my lovely daughter and her partner (the one I love) . They came to mow. She mowed the field and he mowed all around the house and the creek and driveway and he weed eated in my garden for me , where the grass had growed almost up to my waist. I had been wondering how I was going to tackle it since it had got ahead of me in the rain.

I am so grateful for these two and the hard work that they do. She wants to keep the field mowed because of snakes and of course the work that he does makes it easier for me to maneuver around the house and keep the snakes away. Plus, it makes everything look so very nice and makes it smell wonderful.

Then while they were working - MORE HELP arrived. My very shy youngest granddaughter surprised me . She helped me plant the yellow pepper plants and then she carried the cages full of chickens up the hill 4 trips to the building. lol I had to laugh when she commented that they got heavy as you carry them up the hill! .LOL  I told her that was how I had lost all my weight - by going up and down that hill many times a day. That would be ten trips for the chickens and every how many trips for all the plants and what ever work and supplies ????

I have other things I want to plant , but now it will take More Hand Digging, so I would like for the chickens to help clear some more spots for me. Where they cleared the ground and I replanted the peas after it rained -that is coming up now.

I wanted to get this planted because it is calling for rain for the next two days and that will be good for them. Then maybe I can do some more digging. I am just SO GRATEFUL to have my foot back and be able to get around I can hardly stand my joy!

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  1. What a pretty rose ....
    So nice to have you DD and partner help with all the mowing and your GD with the chickens.
    Pleased your foot better.