Sunday, May 8, 2016

Start A new Week

Each week seems to roll around faster and faster . I woke up this morning feeling 50% better than yesterday. The headache was almost gone and my fever was coming down and I had got some sleep. I was still weak , but not like yesterday. Callie was in high spirits this morning. I had dosed her toy in a plastic bag with catnip over night . So, now she did not ignore it like normal. She got into some real flipping action.

Bandit even came around to give me some loving so I decided to take off and do the morning chores before the energy faded. Yea. It was nice but very Windy outdoors . I knew I was took weak to put the chickens outdoors so I fed and watered everybody and gave them a treat of some hotdog buns and left them indoors.

I carried my tomato plants outdoors to let them harden off some and watered some plants and then knew I would have to give it up . I was out of energy. So, I came in and took a shower and fixed another  garlic Pessaries and inserted it. So in 24 hours I am almost over that darn UTI. My heart really goes out to all the women  who suffer from these painful events.And make you sick as can be too.

I took a break and about an hour later my daughter and her partner came and mowed for me. Since I did not have much energy I fixed a quick snack of fishsticks and potato wedges and a honey-mustard dip.

Cali was playing with more than her toy today. She brought in a ground squirrel which I took outdoors and turned loose again. Then tonight it was two mice - which I now have over in the aquarium tank cage.??? When I take them away from her she gets mad at me and will lay and Pounce on me as if reminding me that they were hers????? We are not seeing eye to eye ??? ~smile~ Wonder how you teach a cat who was forced to live on her own -Not To Hunt??????????????????

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  1. Pleased you are feeling better Linda...
    Sew nice to have your family visit for Mothers Day...