Monday, May 2, 2016

Monday Thunderstorms

It was calling for afternoon thunderstorms around 3pm so I put the chickens out in the garden and then got this bright idea. Have you ever seen chickens tied out before???? Well, I had actually seem this before while visiting another state one day and saw it in a man's yard.

So, these ladies are always begging to go out and I ran into some very soft cord and tied one leg. Each one had sun and shade and NO I did not go off and leave them . I was working right where they were at and after their initial shock - they settled down and learned to enjoy it. And I got to keep my flowers and it was easy to grab them and put them back up once the storm did hit.

I managed to get all of my morning chores accomplished and then clean out another chicken run which I was using to mulch this bed with my shade loving Hellebore flowers in. They are in total shade from the apple tree and I dearly love them. I did have regular daylillies here but they totally took over the spot and they never bloomed because of the dark shade. Now I have the Hellebore's and they even bloom. As I got to halfway the thunder started to rumble and the sky got dark. I ran in the house and checked the computer and they were calling for a dangerous thunderstorm so I grabbed my carrying cage and ran to the garden and started carrying the other chickens back up to the building. Just as I got down to the red ones the rain started but I got them all in before the hard stuff hit. While I was in the building I gave all of them an afternoon treat of blended eggs and bread. I had a few that needed using and the chickens love having them fed back to them as treats.

As the first storm let up I decided to move my car up to the building to unload a bag of scratch grain, but when I turned the key - the car did not even grunt???? I debated what to do as I struggled to carry the 50 pounds of feed up the hill???? I thought of calling my daughter but I really did not want to bother her unless I Absolutely Had To and I have an acupuncture appointment tomorrow. It has been a month since my last one and I really feel I Need this one. So, I got the wild idea I would turn into my DH and coast the car off and start it that way , since it is a straight drive.

First off I had parked it with the wheels point UP the hill so I had to push and shove with all my might and get it rolling back and forward until it got over the hump and started down the hill . I did remember to turn the key on and put it in gear-but it did me no good. Sooooo - there is my  car down at the creek??

Then I decided to call a neighbor who lives down the road . He was at work and I knew he would pass right by it . He said he would stop and give me a jump.

Those flowers that my daughter had brought home last year are starting to bloom and they are really pretty.

I had planted them in a spot where it was easy to dig at, and I knew they would live-but I just did not know if they would bloom because it is under the shade of walnut trees. But, I guess they are survivors.

This one is on a hill above those and it came from a very dear friend that I went to church with for many years. She was such a comfort to me during an extremely hard time in my life. I miss her a lot . It is so hard to let them go even though we know we will see them again.

I went in the house and had my shower and warmed up the pizza that my daughter had brought yesterday. I was munching on it when I thought I heard a car outdoors. I knew it was too soon for my neighbor to be off from work so I checked and low and behold it was my lovely daughter and her other half. They had brought supplies for the front porch and got my car started and brought it to the house. I was thrilled.They did work on the porch until another thunderstorm ran them in the house. Just think- if they manage to get that porch covered I might be able to finally sit on the porch and watch it rain! What a treat that will be. Plus, maybe my sewing cat, Rosie can enjoy her swing once again. ??? She will love that.  ~smile~

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  1. I have never seen chooks tied before but it did work for them and you.....
    Pleased your DD and partner called in to help with the porch and start your car...
    Beautiful flowers too!