Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Hump Day ???

It was suppose to be a nice Shady day and I thought -Perfect Day for my eyeballs to work outdoors. So I put half of the chickens out in their corrals and what did it do- - - - - RAIN!  Well, it did not thunder or carry on so I did not panic and after a light shower of about an hour -it stopped -so I kept on going. It was a cool day and I wore my winter jacket but was pleased to accomplish some things.

I went to the garden and decided I did not want to get hung up in my wisteria vine as I would be coming and going -so I "bandaged " my wounded tressil back together where the car had got away from me at. Me and those nails did not see eye to eye and it took me a while to bang them in because the board kept getting away from me while I was hammering. But, after MUCH trail and error -it is up there once again. lol

Of course about that time the wind kicked up and blowed the top off of the cage and the sky got dark , but I refused to pay attention to the sky. This was my day to accomplish some things in the garden and that was what I was going to do and the weather better just get on board?

My daughter had given me a sale paper that showed you could get two bags of garden soil for 12.00 and I had picked those up yesterday . They were such a mess where someone had broken open the bags and covered the others in dirt and then the rain turned it all to mud -so they were good and dirty and I had to wrap my arms around them in the car and get covered in mud. Then I waddled from the car to the raised bed I had built last year and dumped them on the litter I had put there through the Winter time. This was where I had my tomatoes last year and the aphids ate them up -so they say not to plant them back in the same spot.

I finally got that plastic bag hacked open and the soil spread and planted some Heirloom Pole beans called Kentucky Wonder. It says they are pole, tender and stringless. A friend told me that as long as I keep them picked they will bear all Summer??? That would be nice and now they can grow right up this stock panel that I have inverted over my bed.  Don't they look like little soldiers all lined up??? Well, they are little soldiers facing a Summer battle of some kind of "BUG" I have yet to meet.  I know it has to happen because nothing seems to come easy anymore and just grow???? There is always something as hungry as I am just waiting for it.

I would say this is the first time I have ever had a pole bean -but technically I had them 7 years ago. I had built a little teepee and run them up on it. It was the prettiest little sight and the beans were just covering it and I was waiting for them to get just big enough??? Yea, Right! But, those deer did not care what size the beans were -they devoured every single speck of beans and vines and I never even got a smell??????????????????????

When I picked up the soil they had these purple potatoes on sale for 2.00. There were 5 in a bag and I have read good things about them and were dieing to try them. They also said they were good keepers too????? So I grabbed two bags ( I wanted more - lol) and sat and cut them into different starts and let them dry in the warm car while I worked.

It is hard to see this net fencing I am working on for those deer! I drove two metal stakes in the ground and then attached the netting to the top of a second post and tied it on tight and then took a bolt and bolted the second post with the net on top of the first one in the ground. That makes it higher than the American fence .  Maybe the deer won't get those pole beans this year??????

Maybe this angle shows a better picture. I was lucky too because just as I completed this part -here came the rain AGAIN. So much for just a shady day. But , once again I was lucky and it was just a light shower for a few minutes so I hid in the car and waited it out with one of my pups. Then back to business.

Remember that section I used the car to yank out those will rose bushes (well there is one there on the left that I kept) well I am digging it up and it is nice and loose to put those purple potatoes in.

Now that the deer fence is up and I have hacked some weeds growing there I planted two baby yellow zucchini in the soft soil. Once they get a tad taller I plan to take some foil and place around the base of the plant to deter those squash borers. Since it is so dark and damp they should not even know they have been moved from where I started them.

I moved down to a raised bed I have outside of the garden and planted a little mulberry tree that a friend gave me last year when it was only a couple inches tall. I kept it in the house all winter -in a window. I know it looks frail -but I have high hopes for it.

I had another mulberry tree beside the driveway and everybody complained about it hitting their cars? Grrrr! For some reason it just GREW right toward the driveway . Then one day a storm hit and took it down right in the driveway. Boy did I cry when nobody was looking. I LOVE  mulberries and they are so good for you.

Did you think I was going to forget to protect it from those avenging deer????? NO WAY! Hoping this old cage and a couple of stakes will do the trick. Hope, hope, hope! Trying to protect my treasure once again. I had actually planted 6 one other time and we had a flood and my son ran over all of them with the bulldozer??????????????????????????

These are my baby Dinosaur Kale that I have started from seed and just moved them into this raised bed. They are suppose to love the Summer heat and not die out like some greens do. I am trying to keep lots of greens for my macular degeneration . I have never had these before and am dieing of curiosity to see how they will do. That is one neat thing about a garden - you always keep learning and also lots of exercise. ~smile~

A sneaky little baby white cucumber had slid in there with the baby kale so I moved him over to the fence and stuck this broken aquarium over him so I will not forget he is there and it will protect him until he gets bigger , as he is just a tiny squirt.

Well, my back decided it was time to start complaining once again and it was 5pm so I decided it was time for "lunch" - lol - even if it was a little late. lol  I had grabbed a cucumber at the store yesterday and I am having 2 cucumber sandwiches with cream cheese and some kettle chips. yea- probably not the best but still a treat for some hard work in my old body's eyes. ~smile~  I am glad I sit down to eat because it sure did feel good.

Now time to go round up all of those little chickens and put them to bed. I am going to wear my jacket too!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

Talley - hoe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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