Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Is It Hump Day Already????????????????

This is Tiny Tim and he is the cutest little fellow . He is no more than ten inches tall . He did not feel good one day last week and scared me as I do not want anything to happen to him as he is only one year old.

This is one of my "Work-crews" hard at work. They go in these little corrals and then they eat the vegetation and scratch around to help loosen the soil for me so I can then dig it up to plant things. They really are a big help. 

I cleaned one of their runs in the building today -all the way down to the linoleum, which makes it easier to clean and then I put down clean shavings.

I was good and mad at myself for this project beside the house. Remember a month or so ago I had dug it all up and got rid of all those ground covers that had taken over??? Well, then this little soft ground cover showed up and I thought it was so cute -yea- until it got to where I could not even see my Hellebore . So here I go a-digging again. I will use the shavings from that run to Mulch it with this time!

Now that looks much better. I can see the hellebore and the bleeding heart. It got warm today and all this digging made me hungry so I took a late lunch. It was a skillet bean dish with some eggs and then two oranges for dessert. That felt good. My DH had said one time he wondered if he would ever live long enough to see me get full of oranges - Bless his heart -he did not because I still am not full of them. lol

Now I headed back out the door to work in my pigeon house. The old nest boxes are made of two liter pop bottles and they are filthy so I am pulling them all down and trashing them and putting up new ones from my daughter's supply of plastic bottles.

Mocha even came out to see what I was doing for a minute. She looks so bad to me and has lost weight-yet the vets are useless. Cocoa did not even leave her bed today and her mama slept all day long too? Only Bandit (their brother) came out and enjoyed the beautiful day. 

I sat and caught my breath for a few minutes in between jobs and watched one of the tied hens where she had done the edging on one of the flower beds. You would be amazed how much work they can get accomplished.  They used to tear the flower bed all to pieces and be destructive but this way they are a big help.

It took me a good 35 minutes to carry all the chickens back to their safe nightime places and then I dug up the spot where Tiny Tim and his ladies had worked on. It was still hard digging and getting rid of all those rocks. After I got it ready I planted some sweet onions a friend had given me.

I lost two of my little tomato plants today???? They were there this morning when I watered them and they were gone as the sun went down??? Then one of the healthier tomato plants was all wilted over so I watered it good but it does not look good and it does not look like it was from needing water??? Darn it.

But it was a beautiful day to be outdoors. I am so grateful to be warm.

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