Sunday, May 22, 2016

Start of a New Week in May

Yukon was one of my first stops. Bless his little heart -he is like me -his age is showing. I am afraid this might be his last Summer as he really had a hard time pulling through the Winter. But he has been such a good boy ! Never a mean bone in his body. I was feeling so rough from that bug trying to jump on me but I had goals I wanted to accomplish.

I got all the little chickens out in their corrals and then took my madox and dug up this spot and tied Miss Hen there to work on it while I dug on another area . I came back and dug up all those rocks you see and got them out of my garden. Rocks - I hate rocks. (in my garden)

Then I removed the rocks from my first bed and smoothed it all out and planted my "Baby" Banana Melons.They are so tiny - but I am hoping that being in the earth will be good for them. It is suppose to rain tomorrow so that way they won't have time to wilt down any. Matter of fact it rained on them shortly after I got them in the ground.

This was the bed that Miss Hen helped me fix and I planted Delicata Squash  here.  That bag there is full of rocks that came out of this bed. I am getting plenty of rocks for the driveway!

I also got this spot dug up and cleared and planted cucumbers here.There is ONE white cucumber plant that survived and then the rest is some seeds I have never heard of before . So I am anxious to see how they will do???? Please, just let me have some cucumbers.

My kids arrived and they were doing some mowing until they ran into some trouble.

Tim went to pull through the gate and Crystal told him it was a slick spot.? The ground is damp there a lot of the time and then you add the mowed grass on top of that??? Well, he went to spinning and slide into the snow blade on a ATV and busted his tire. We thought that was bad enough - then we could not find a tire tool that would fit the lug nuts -until  a friend showed up and he had one.

Then that rain storm showed up and we scattered to the building. Next Tim went to check under the truck to see if it had a spare tire that was up???? There was - but then there was another Big Challenge. The chain that held the tire up under the truck had somehow got Down inside the hole where the lug nuts were suppose to go and it kinked up in a big knot and they could not get it to budge.  Add to that the fact that Tim had already whacked off the side of one of his fingers and it was a bloody mess.

Finally our friend pull out a saw-saw and they sawed the chain off and the tire came down -ONLY -now the chain was stuck in the lugnut hole and rusted in there??? We had Never seen anything like it before?????

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