Saturday, May 21, 2016

Sat. May 21

Today I just took  day of rest - mainly enforced because of the pouring rain.  I enjoyed a few of my Youtube friends ,like:
A young family who is determined to see how much food they can raise in 100 days in N.C. I love this young family and the kids can be such a laugh! Brings back memories.

Then :
I just found her today and she caught my interest because of her vegan cooking. I have never been around anybody who cooks vegan and this is a wonderful insight to me.

Then I found a new program called , Risk It All . (not that I needed something else to kick back with !) But it is a real life story about 3 different families who have given up their normal lives to go live off grid to accomplish different goals.   PSTTTT::SS:S - sorry , I just got smacked in the nose by a stink bug. No, he does not stink but he sure is an aggravation. To me they look like little Roman soldiers with that "helmet" they have on. lol

That foot was a little swollen today and my throat is kinda scratchy??? O DEAR - the baby was sick that day the kids took me to the eye doctor???? I better load up on vitamin c and zinc and honey and cinnamon.

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