Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Hump Day

These are my little variegated tomato plants and I am so excited about them. They are suppose to be a very old heirloom plant . I cannot wait to try them this year. They are almost ready to head to the garden. Just a few days of hardening them off and away they can go. I sure do hope the aphids will not eat them totally up like they did those Italian Tree tomatoes last year!

My little pink rose is just starting to bloom and it smells SO Sweet. I always have to stop and take a minute just to enjoy the fragrance.

I went around front to check out my little blueberry tree and was caught off guard by the monster lambsquarter weed that had taken over. Instead of yanking them all out I decided to wait a few days until I feel better and then look up some of those recipes I saw online the other day for them???

These are those little delicata squash seeds that I got at that swap about a week ago. They are sure growing. I had ordered the seeds last year and then lost all of them before I even got to try them. I am hoping that will not happen this year.

These are those two monster begonias that I drug out of the house the other day. They are almost as tall as I am and the two of them take up an entire window . I know I could start small ones but these two were a gift from a very special lady who was dying and entrusted them to me -so they are very special to me. But, they really will get a haircut. lol

I was trying to get around and catch a picture of that porch roof my daughter built for my Mother's Day. I just cannot get a proper angle because of my jungle. lol

Cali was keeping me company everywhere I went. She is still the world's wildest mouser,as much as I hate it. She gets 2 or 3 every single day.

This is kinda the top view and I can't wait to get my "stuff" on there with the swing. You Know - the PLANTS!!!!!!!!!! The things I wait for all Winter long!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol  I sit in the swing and am so grateful to not be cold anymore. I will be in heaven for the next 4 months -but in the back of my head dreading Winter and the pain it causes already. But I DO LOVE the next few months.

Already those carpenter bees are trying to take it away from me. I might have to murder them because they do so much structural damage. I don't want to but they sure do not listen and stay in the outbuildings. They want the porch as bad as I do and they are not afraid to be pushy about it either.

Crystal's Daddy would be so very proud of her for doing this for me. He knew how much I loved a porch because I had begged him for one for most of our adult life. The first one he built me was 4 feet by 8 feet and I was thrilled with that. lol

It is nightime here now and it is absolutely pouring down the rain.

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