Sunday, May 29, 2016

Grandmothers & Great-grandmothers can have busy days?

First you can have a "Gamer-Grandson" who blows up his car. ~smile~

Then you can have a Granddaughter turn the big 20 who has never been away from home who is moving to South Dakota to start a whole new life?????

You can have Grandson's who come in all shapes and sizes. This one of course - LOVES Chocolate cake and ice cream - so a birthday party is a good thing to him. lol

You can have a daughter-in - law who works hard to keep her family happy.

Leave a happy birthday party and take another Granddaughter and Great-Granddaughter to the school play area to burn off some energy.

Watch a "real- swinger" and remember when it was you????   63 years ago - that is. lol

She's not even scared of hights like I always was-and still am to be truthful.

Even knows how to catch a moment.

Is curious about everything???

Isn't afraid to go "Caving" . lol

Rides wild dinosaurs


Rides "dirt bikes " on the "track" .

Makes beautiful faces at just the joy of living.

Has a Mama who loves her.

Knows how to catch a "breeze"

Has beautiful blue eyes that I can still see.

And who just watching with Joy can tire an old Grandmother/ Great-grandmother out???  What a lovely day.  Now if only my pups could get to feel better and enjoy ?

I am sooooooooooooooooo glad I got to savor this day.


  1. Oh Linda....the photo's are fantastic!!!! What a wonderful memory for you all to keep. Nothing like a family get together and no better way to finish it by a fun time in the park.

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  3. What a wonderful day spent with the family big and small....